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Our PhD/MPhil Medical Virology programme allows you to research to improve your understanding of Medical Virology. Medical virology is an important and rapidly expanding field that uses sensitive molecular techniques to discover new viruses. Extensive outbreaks of zoonotic virus infections (e.g., Ebola, MERS, SARS, Nipah, and others) are common, and changes in climate, society habits, and medical practice have allowed newly emerging and re-emerging viral diseases to spread. Controlling viral disease is difficult; there are currently no antiviral compounds with truly broad-spectrum activity, so infection prevention and control are critical. Modern, rapid diagnostic methods aid in understanding the pathogenesis of virus infections and an increasing number of vaccines and antivirals are being developed and used. Current research interests include congenital infections, specifically human cytomegalovirus disease, and blood-borne virus infections such as hepatitis C virus, HIV, and human polyomaviruses. However, these areas are not exhaustive and have a wide range of viral infections. During your PhD, you will gain hands-on laboratory experience in molecular virology, cell culture, and serology techniques and learn how to apply these techniques to both basic science questions and clinical problems. We collaborate with colleagues from the University, local hospital trusts, and an extensive European network of clinical virologists.


Students who wish to pursue a PhD in Virology must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria: Students must have a postgraduate degree from an accredited university. In addition, candidates must have a postgraduate grade point average of at least 55 percent (50 percent for candidates from the SC/ST category). They must also have at least 5 years of experience in teaching, industry, or administration, among other things.


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