Ph.D in Strategic Management

Management & business administration
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Strategic management is a sub-discipline of business concerned with coordinating material and human resources inside an organisation to achieve long-term commercial objectives. Strategic managers play a crucial part in the decision-making process, handling tasks such as setting company goals, evaluating the methods to achieve them, devising and implementing strategies, and forecasting outcomes. Knowledge from various relevant professions, such as business administration, finance and marketing, risk management, negotiation, statistics, and human resource management, is frequently applied by strategic managers. Strategic management is a popular specialisation or focuses track for business management degrees offered by business schools and economic colleges. A master`s degree in strategic management aims to develop entrepreneurial skills and a thorough awareness of contemporary corporate contexts. Competitive strategy theories and models, corporate responsibility and ethics, marketing management, and risk management are other themes included in strategic management.


Duration of the Course: 3-5 years Type: Doctorate Eligibility: Post Graduation A Master`s degree in a relevant area or an equivalent from a recognised university is required for admission to the PhD in Strategy programme. Students must achieve the College/cut-off University`s marks in the entrance examination to be admitted to this programme.


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