MD in Ayurveda (Roga Nidan)

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Roga Nidan talks about the important things to know about the disease process and how to tell if you have a disease. Ayurveda (Roga Nidan) is a field that can specialise in ayurvedic analysis. Undergrads learn some parts of Ayurveda and modern science to help them learn. It also talks about the disease`s aetiology and how it affects people in the clinic. It is called Prakriti when the mind and body are in their normal state. Vikriti is when the mind and body are out of their normal state. People use Nidan Panchak to figure out what`s wrong with them. This department is also in charge of the hospital`s clinical laboratory. People who do postgraduate work in this field should become great Ayurvedic specialists and doctors. The goal of the educational programme is for students of Ayurveda to have a lot of good, general knowledge. Certified postgraduate specialists can work in a wide range of fields, including dispensaries, government and private emergency clinics, drug manufacturing areas, clinical preliminaries units, the medical travel industry, diary productions, multi-claim to fame Ayurveda centres, inquire about associations, scholarly institutions, and the therapeutic consulting industry. Therapeutic specialist/scientist, executive, teacher, expert, official, diary writer, and senior restorative master are some of these people`s jobs.


Course Level: Post Graduate Duration: 3 years Mode: Full time Qualification/Marks: Applicants must have finished a Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) programme from a recognised institute/university. Entrance exam: AIAPGET-AYURVED Experience: Minimum one year of Internship


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