MA Indian Logic And Epistemology

Humanities & social sciences
  • Duration
    2 Years
  • Level
  • Programme
  • Study Mode
    Full Time

Course Description

MA Indian Logic and Epistemology Courses are interdisciplinary in nature. It aims at meaningful interaction among traditional disciplines like Vyakarana, Nyaya and Mimamsa and relevant modern ones such as Linguistics, Logic and Philosophy. The course objective is to introduce learners to the rich tradition of Logic and Epistemology inherited by India. It is open to all scientists, philosophers, lawyers, physicians, journalists, literary artists etc. i.e. to anyone who is interested in developing skills in reasoning and argumentation. The course have 4 levels that includes Foundation Course, Theories of Perception, Theories of Inference, Theories of Verbal Testimony. Candidates will get to learn the connection between knowledge and logic in this course. So this course is a specialization on the fundamental theories of knowledge.


The candidate should have completed Master's Degree in any faculty studied Sanskrit or Prakrit or Pali at least upto Higher Secondary Level or at equivalent traditional level from recognised institute.


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