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Plant biology is the botanical study of plants that deals with the scientific study of plants, their attributes, structure, properties and biochemical process. On the other hand, plant technology is concerned with the use of tissue culture and genetic engineering approaches to create genetically altered plants that have unique or increased desirable characteristics. Those who have a major interest in the botany field can pursue M.Sc in Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology (M.Sc PBPB). Among the topics covered in the Master of Science in Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology course are plant breeding, phytochemicals, plant disease and management, embryology of plants, the botanical study of plant tissue, herbal science, plant anatomy, cell biology, and many more. You will also get an understanding of plant anatomy and cell biology. Plant biologists and biotechnologists are professionals in dealing with plant breeding, genetics, and various other topics. In addition, they perform research and development in general plant study due to their training. The scope of botany is in demand in the research field, and you will get employment opportunities in scientific study and research areas, botanical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and many more.


Course Level: Post Graduate Duration: 2 years Mode: Full time Qualification/Marks: B.Sc. In the Relevant Subject


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