M.Sc Home Science in Extension Education

  • Duration
    2 Years
  • Level
  • Programme
  • Study Mode
    Full Time

Course Description

Home science is the science of home and all the things that concern the house, family members, and their resources. It is the science aimed at achieving better living conditions and at the core of its design is the family ecosystem. The discipline also deals with reciprocal relations between the family members and the family’s natural and personal equations and environment. The field of study involves advanced lessons in the scientific procedures involved in making a house beautiful. M.Sc. Home Science course integrates the application of various sciences and humanities to improve human environment, management of resources, family nutrition, and child development. In current times, Home Science is fast gaining popularity among interested students, owing to its wide applications in industries such as food preservation, clothing, textiles, and home interior decoration, etc. M.Sc. Home Science course is not just restricted to cooking and stitching, and is comprehensively multidisciplinary in nature, involving concurrent lessons in related social sciences, physical, and biological sciences, in addition to the course’s core subjects of Communication and Extension, Human Development, Fabric and Apparel sciences, Resource Management, and Nutrition and food. As an academic discipline, Home Science deals with some of the most vital aspects of modern housekeeping. Home Science or the science of home, includes the elementary concerns regarding people of the house, their wellbeing, family members, and their resources. M.Sc. Home Science course aims at creating house-based tools for an amply satisfactory home-life through an efficient, scientific use of domestic resources. It involves the use of basic science for maintaining the welfare and well-being of home and family life in an ever-changing society.


The candidate should have completed Bachelor’s Degree in relevant faculty or discipline from a recognized university with Minimum of 55% marks in aggregate. Many colleges conduct Entrance exams for admission to this course.


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