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Data Science is a big topic in the world of technology right now, and for a good reason. It`s a big change in how computers learn. The need for Data Scientists is growing because of new technology and the creation of a lot of data, called "Big Data." A certificate in Data Science with Python is for people who want to learn more about statistical calculations and how to show the results of data analysis in a way that makes sense. There is a Certificate in Data Science that you can earn. You will learn about Python`s advanced features and how to use them better. It`s better to learn Python if you want to work as a data scientist and work with many data, AI, and deep learning algorithms. Both will help you make strategic decisions, important parts of statistics. Even if you have artificial intelligence, an in-depth learning algorithm, and a lot of data, you will be a good Data Scientist. After you finish this class, you will have a lot of chances to work for private multinational companies. In addition, you might be able to work in another country after you finish this class. Therefore, this certificate could be good for business leaders and people who work.


Course Level: Certificate Duration: 2 years Mode: Full time Qualification+Marks: The basic requirements for a bachelor`s degree in data science are that you must have passed class 12 with at least 50% overall marks and be able to understand basic math and statistics concepts (Probability, Calculus, Algebra). When someone wants to be a data scientist and apply for a master`s level course, they need to have a bachelor`s degree in engineering, math, science, commerce, economics, or finance. They also need to know basic programming languages like Python, C, C++, Java, or R, which are used in data science. Graduates in data science must be able to write a simple SQL query and understand machine learning and its algorithms in order to be good at their jobs. Experience: Minimum 1 or more year of experience in the related field.


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