Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) Violin

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Many of you who want to have a deep interest in playing the Violin will find this profession a fulfilling career choice in this sector. BPA In the arts field, a violin is a bachelor`s level subject. The Violin, often known as a fiddle in certain circles, is a wooden string instrument that belongs to the violin family. The majority of violins have a hollow wooden body. In typical usage, it is the smallest and sharpest-sounding instrument in the family, despite its small size. Various smaller violin-type instruments are available, including the Violino piccolo and the unit violin; however, they are mostly inactive. Violins are critical melodic instruments that may be found in various styles. These instruments are typically identifiable in the Western old-style tradition, both in gatherings (ranging from ambient music to symphonies) and as solo instruments. They may be found in a wide variety of society music, including down-home music and country music, and jazz, among other styles. Extensive Career choice available in Music retailers, Media associations, Ensembles, Emotional well-being care suppliers, etc.


Course Level: Undergraduate Duration: 3-4 years Mode: Full time Qualification/Marks: The prerequisite capacity for admission to this programme is a passing grade 12 standard/identical assessment with a minimum of 55% in any subject. The majority of the states in India need direct passageway examinations for admission to the confirmation programmes provided by various polytechnics in the state.


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