BA History – Political Science (HS-PS)

Humanities & social sciences
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Course Description

The History/Political Science programme seeks to improve students` personal lives, professional competencies, and commitment to lifelong learning, whether they study history/political science as majors, minors, or as part of the general education programme. History and political science are essential components of the liberal arts. They can produce a liberally educated person who values knowledge and has the capacity to acquire knowledge, think critically, and apply the mature judgement required of a free and responsible citizen in a democratic society when combined with the other liberal disciplines. Specifically, the History/Political Science programme seeks to provide students with an understanding of the society in which they live and the forces that shape its institutions through a study of the past and present. In a broader sense, it aims to help students discover where their generation fits in time and in the development of the human race, and to come to an appreciation of what is valuable to their society and thus worthy of preservation through their study of human experience. The objectives of this History/Political Science programme contribute to the College`s curricular purpose by allowing students to perceive the larger social, political, economic, historical, and environmental contexts within which individual action is set. Students will be able to identify points in their individual lives and careers where they can contribute responsibly to life in an interdependent world if they understand the dynamic processes underlying these contexts.



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