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Who is Web Developer?

Web Developer is responsible for efficiently coding websites that are functional and secure according to a company’s specifications. Web developers are involved in building a website from scratch as well as in the maintenance and upkeep of existing websites. Their aim is to ensure that the website is functional and easy to use across multiple platforms. As opposed to a web designer who focuses on how the elements of a website must be visually laid out, a web developer shall focus on building the website’s core structure using coding languages.

Using their knowledge of programming languages, web developers write the code to technically implement the web designer’s creative vision. They work on coding that is executed on the web browsers, on the website’s server, as well as the database system that keeps the website running. They can work as front-end developers who build the frameworks that the user interacts with, or as a back-end developer who works on coding on the web servers and databases, or as a full stack developer who juggles the entire development.

Typical day at work

What does Web Developer do?

The coding, design, and layout of a website according to a company's standards is the responsibility of a web developer. Because the position considers user experience and function, a basic understanding of visual design and computer programming is required. A Web Developer will usually help with the maintenance and upkeep of a website once it has been developed.

  • Create and maintain websites according to the client’s requirements
  • Write error-free, efficient, testable code for developing a functional and secure website
  • Troubleshoot website problems by fixing any server or hosting issues and resolving coding errors
  • Determine user needs and outline technical specifications and requirements for the website
  • Implement security and data protection measures
  • Produce documentation for the software, generate backups to local directories for recovery, build code libraries for future use
  • Ensure that the website is compatible across devices and platforms, and optimize its speed and capacity
  • Integrate multimedia into the website including audio, video, and graphics in website compatible formats
  • Collaborate with web designers and graphic designers to technically execute the visual designs
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Web Developer?

Web developers must possess thorough knowledge of software programs and web programming languages including HTML, CSS, and Javascript as well as that of the relevant database systems. They should also be familiar with search engine optimization principles. They should be able to use server-side frameworks such as python, asp, and asp.net as well as database systems such as SQL and Oracle. Time management, project management, and organizational skills are important for a web developer to efficiently juggle multiple tasks in accordance with the deadlines.

They should be skilled at verbal and written communication to liaise with the client/ senior management and work in collaboration with other professionals on the team. Their observation and problem-solving skills should be highly developed in order to identify problems and creatively resolve them. Adequate knowledge of network diagnostics and network analytics tools is also required for web developers to carry out their tasks. They should be highly analytical and detailed oriented individuals who can perform well under pressure.


Which course I can pursue?

Best Colleges

Which are the best colleges to attend to become Web Developer?


Which industries are open for Web Developer?

  • Self-employment
  • Advertising agency
  • Banking Sector
  • Publishing sector
  • Non-profit organization
  • E-Commerce firms
  • IT firms
  • Online media firms
  • MNCs (IT wing)
  • Digital Marketing firms

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Are there internships available for Web Developer?

Take the opportunity to work under a professional that gives you exposure in the industry. It will allow you to have a practical learning about the computers, web development and will also give you contacts for future reference.

Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Web Developer?

The job opportunities for web developers are on the rise today and are expected to continue to expand due to the boom in the e-commerce sector as well as the increased accessibility and utility of mobile applications. They can be employed in a diverse range of settings, including public and private sector as well as non-profit organizations. They typically work at technical consulting firms, startups, advertising firms, IT companies, and software development companies to name a few.

It is typically an office-based job with standard nine to five working hours. Since the majority of their work is done on a computer, they may be able to work remotely as well. With experience and demonstrated skill, a web developer can advance to positions of a senior web developer, lead developers, or that of technical director. Many of these professionals choose to work independently on a freelance or contractual basis.

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