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Who is Venture Capital Analyst?

The venture capital firms look up for the start-ups, mainly those who doesn’t have the capability to fund raise, and support them by investing in it. The role of the venture capital analyst is to evaluate and assess them, their probabilities to success and invest in them. In short they determine, in which company they money should be invest in. They are also involved in assistance for support and administrative tasks.

The job profile is glamorous due to the possibility to meet new people and famous people, and travel opportunities. Depending on the funding provided the intensity of the research increases due to the risk and money involved. The high risk investments with potential success are selected for high returns.

Typical day at work

What does Venture Capital Analyst do?

The venture capital analyst's job is to figure out which firms are worth investing in. Because venture capital analysts deal with huge quantities of money and potentially dangerous deals, they must conduct extensive research. Financial reports, corporate records, and other related data are among their responsibilities.

Other roles include analyzing financial and company data, and communicating the insights to the investment team and·perform company and market research.

  • Support capital venture associates, senior associate or principal
  • Conduct detailed research on existing trends and prominent people in the market looking out for new opportunities 
  • Conduct due diligence on prospective new investments
  • Organise and conduct meetings with employees of the target companies and assess the opportunities 
  • Summarising the notes and minutes for the documentation purpose.
  • Collect information regarding the target company, its strengths and weaknesses, turn over, assets, liabilities etc.
  • Access information about the potential competitors for the target company
  • Reach out to the experts in the industry and business consultants about the company review, their technological assets including IPs
  • Read up on the customer reviews and references about the target company
  • Depending on the firms they work in and their requirement venture capital analyst may have to assist in fund raising, social media networking and other research purposes crucial for the firm
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Venture Capital Analyst?

  • The job profile involves meeting and involving in conversations with new people on a day to day basis. They have to convey the research outcomes to the firm as well as present the investment recommendations to the client in clear and easy to understand pattern. This would require high communication and documentation skills.
  • The candidate must have the potential to conduct an unbiased research and collect factual data regarding the company, its owners, customers, profits and potential success hidden in them.
  • High analytical skills would enable the analyst to read in between the data sheets and foresee the future of company and the possibility to crack an investment deal with them. After the intense research, evaluation and analysis they have to arrive at a decision to whether or not to invest in this company.
  • Decisiveness is a key skill for this job profile.
  • Time and organizational skills are required to meet the deadline and all the investment tasks are completed.
  • The venture capital analyst must be flexible in their work. It might often require them to assist the companies in establishing them at the social media and outside world as well as for the fund management


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Venture Capital Analyst?

The growth of the venture capital job industry is projected to be 6% through 2028. Venture capital firms are the main recruiters for VC Analyst. Undergrad students get the entry level jobs and gets well paid, they also get additional yearly bonus. Depending on the experience and qualifications you could move form an analyst to Pre-MBA Associate, Senior Associate, Principal, Partner, Senior Partner etc.  Andeessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, SV Angels, Accel Pertners, New Enterprise Associates, Sequoia Capital are some of the best companies that hire VC analysts.

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