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Who is Unani Doctor?

After Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy, Unani is recognized as the fourth popular treatment system. Unani is the alternative-medicine system where patients are cared for by improving the human body's natural healing energy. Unani 's concept is that because of its self-healing energy, the body revitalizes itself. The human body has four components, as per the Unani system, such as the blood, yellow bile, phlegm and black bile. This is analogous to the Ayurveda, with respect to the four elements and as famous as the Ayurveda. In Unani Medicine the career prospects are tremendous. Unani Doctor’s profession requires much hard work but is extremely rewarding. Unani Medicine offers a safe and cost-effective cure with negligible side effects in a society where increasing difficulties have given rise to several illnesses and where the deprived and needy people cannot afford costly treatment.

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What does Unani Doctor do?

An Unani doctor is a professional who works in the fraternity of providing health-related services to individuals. The Unani medicines are a type of Perso-Arabic traditional medicines. They are used for healing purposes, and the treatment of the individual rather than their physical individual parts (such as a bone fracture, etc). The Unani doctors work in terms of creating certain mixtures, certain types of medicinal aspects, and things wherein the individuals can get healed by eating these mixtures or applying them to their bodies. They also review, understand, analyze and refer to the individual's previous record and history. This type of doctor works in the healing of the mind, soul, and body.

Job description, Profiles, Roles and Duties:

  • Tackling disease prevention and treatment
  • Treat conditions with herbal formulas that contain several natural substances
  • Reply to medical problems of patients by studying their history, treatment, diagnosis, counselling and referral, where needed
  • Request laboratory tests and interprets the findings
  • Preserve confidentiality and neutrality at all times
  • Gather, record and preserve sensitive information about patients, like test results, history and reports
  • Describe processes or recommended treatments to patients
  • Network with community and hospital medical practitioners
  • Promoting health awareness in combination with other health practitioners
  • Conduct minor surgeries
  • Meet government-set targets for specific treatments, for example, childhood immunization
  • Confer and analyze novel pharmaceutical products with pharmaceutical representatives
  • Stay up to date with the medical, diagnosis, and drug innovations.
  • Monitor and evaluate the work of trainee physicians and medical students
  • Supervises medical assistants to make sure that all relevant rules are met
  • Assess the effectiveness of existing treatment practices and strategies and recommend changes
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Unani Doctor?

  • In addition to medical school graduation and certification, Unani doctors do require basic soft skills to excel in this profession. An Unani doctor must wish to help. While some options in this arena don't include working one-on-one with patients, most research is motivated by a desire to serve people.
  • Upon determining the symptoms of a patient and reaching a diagnosis, doctors must choose a suitable treatment. To do this you would need problem-solving and critical thinking abilities to relate options available.
  • Excellent listening skills assist the doctors to better gauge the symptoms and worries of their patients. You require developed verbal communication abilities to clarify diagnosis to patients and their families and provide nurses and other staff with guidance and updates on treatment.
  • Unani Doctors need to be careful about and reply suitably to fluctuations in the patient’s condition. These can involve everything from long-term changes in daily patients to short-term changes in healing patients from a particular treatment or illness.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Unani Doctor?

Unani doctor jobs are available in businesses such as Unani Medical Colleges as a lecturer, teacher, professor or as a researcher, Unani Clinics, Unani and Ayurvedic Research Institutes, Unani Charitable Institutions, Unani Medicine System Education Training Institutes, Unani Medicine Store, Unani Consultancies, etc. Self-employment is also a good option given that it provides flexible working hours and a good return. Also available as Unani specialist, as advice-givers/consultants with the accreditation authorities and establishments is part time work. Unani graduates are also able to be employed as consultants for business organizations, schools, industries and embassies.

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