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Who is Theologist?

Theology is the study of religion. It explores the human experience of faith and how it is expressed differently by different people and cultures. Theologians research the world's many different faiths and how they affect society. Theology is a blend of philosophy, history, anthropology, and something else entirely.  Theologians have the difficult task of pondering and arguing the nature of God. Studying theology entails confronting difficult concerns concerning religion's meaning. It also necessitates the ability to compare and contrast other religions in a fair and informed manner.

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What does Theologist do?

A theologist is a thinker, a professional who works in the domains of understanding and research on religion, philosophy, and various doctrines of theology. Theologian research is delving into the various artefacts, views, and philosophies of theology before formulating their conclusions and hypotheses on the subject. These professionals often work in the education department as they evaluate the students' assignments and exam papers. They also tend to correct the class papers for the students and give them grades based on their examination. Theologists also teach the students the existing perspectives and help them develop the newer ones. The theologists also write various articles, research papers, and books to express and debate their perspectives on the theories and doctrines of theology.

  • Preparing and conducting services of public worship and acknowledgments of faith.
  • Preparing and delivering sermons, homilies, and special talks, and planning music for services.
  • Participating in the social and welfare activities of communities, encouraging people to be aware of their responsibilities, and organizing participation in community projects.
  • Conducting classes of religious instruction, and supervising prayer and discussion groups, retreats, and seminars.
  • Conducting premarital and family counseling and referring people to professional service agencies where necessary.
  • Performing marriages, funerals, and special memorial services according to tradition and ecclesiastical and civil law.
  • Visiting members of the community in their homes, hospitals, and other institutions to provide advice and religious comfort.
  • Keeping records as required by the church and civil law.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Theologist?

  • Research and presentation skills

  • Critical thinking skills and the ability to interpret information, formulate questions and solve problems.

  • Organizational and time management skills.

  • Teamwork and communication skills.

  • Empathy and the power to understand people.

  • The ability to work methodically and accurately.

  • A free and clear mind and the ability to care for yourself. 


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Post-secondary teachers, in general, were expected to see 9% growth in job openings from 2019-2029. The median pay for religion and philosophy professors was reported as 5,00,000. Statistics showed that religious activities directors were expected to see a job growth rate of 3-4%, or as fast as average, and clergy members, including spiritual leaders, were expected to see a job growth rate of 3-4%, about the same as the average for all occupations, from 2020-2029.

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