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Who is Space Technologist?

Space technologists are the front-line workers who are involved with building and testing spacecraft and their systems. They have both theoretical and practical knowledge. Their training involves mathematics, scientific principles, theories of engineering etc. They have a wide array of tasks varying from research and development to construction of testing materials, model making, maintenance, space management of the aircraft etc.


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What does Space Technologist do?

A Space Technologist, as the name suggests, is essentially a person who uses his/her understanding of physics and astronomy to theorize about space and also develops the required technology. They arrange experiments and observations using telescopes on Earth and in space to perform astronomical research.

  • The work associated with the job are, designing, data interpretation, analysis, planning and problem solving, preparation of the technical specifications and technical consultations.

  • The computer Engineering Technicians are required to maintain and troubleshoot the electronic equipment’s and to build the computer system prototypes to control the electronic signals

  • The space craft equipment’s, electrical and electronic systems are designed and developed by electrical and electronics technologists

  • The machinery, parts and tools of the spacecraft are designed, developed and maintained by Mechanical Engineering Technicians

  • The robotic manipulators for the spacecraft are designed and developed by the technologist specialized in robotics along with the engineers.

  • Telecommunication technicians are involved with networks that transmit data. Physical cables, optical systems and radio systems are used for telecommunication networks.


Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Space Technologist?

  • Space Technologist’s first and foremost skill is thorough knowledge in space science with special emphasis on physics. Weakness in the expertise would enhance the risk of several lives.
  • The technological background and experience with computers as well as the basics of engineering are required. As for a scientist, a technologist must have the ability to look over the most minute details and have the analyzing capacity to troubleshoot and maintain the systems.
  • Team working skills are necessary, for they need to collaborate with engineers and other experts to complete their project.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Space Technologist?

The education requirements would be a two-year technical diploma, four-year technical engineering diploma etc. the engineering diploma provides training in both theoretical and practical fields. The space technologist could specialize in Computer engineering, Electrical and electronics engineering, Mechanical engineering, Robotics, Telecommunications etc. Often the work involves a team effort along with other experts. The average salary in India would range from 1.5 Lakh per annum to 6.5 Lakh per annum. The advancements in the career would depend upon the experience in the number of years.

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