Social and Human Service Assistant

Charity, NGO, and Social Services
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Who is Social and Human Service Assistant?

Social and Human Service Assistants help people in need of community resources obtain services in health care, mental health, rehabilitation, social work, and other capacities of public aid. They assess eligibility of families, veterans, immigrants, children, homeless individuals, elderly, people with disabilities, addictions, mental or physical health conditions, and even former convicts for services and benefits. Therefore, these individuals are also known as Case Work Aide, Clinical Social Work Aide, Family Service Assistant, Social Work Assistant, Addictions Counselor Assistant, and Human Service Worker.

Typical day at work

What does Social and Human Service Assistant do?

Social and Human Service Assistant help with giving customer benefits in a wide assortment of fields, for example, brain research, recovery, or social work, including support for families. They may help customers in recognizing and acquiring accessible advantages and social and network administrations. Social specialists help with creating, arranging, and directing projects to forestall and resolve issues important to substance misuse, human connections, recovery, or ward care.

Job Description, Roles, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities:

  • Assess kind of aid individuals requires.
  • Assist individuals in their day-to-day activities like eating and grooming.
  • Assist individuals to finish paper work in order to apply to assistance programs.
  • Accompany and transport individuals by driving them to appointments, running errands, or to other services.
  • Take feedback from people and confirm that services are given properly.
  • Give information or refer individuals to other public or private organizations or community facilities for further help.
  • Conduct home visits and attend group meetings to give data on the services, requirements, or procedures provided by the organization.
  • Take individual case histories of members on their social, childhood, educational, criminal, medical, or substance use.
  • Submit and review reports and problems with relevant authorities.
  • Supervise daily group activities of residents living in the community institution.
  • Help finding housing and jobs to immigrants or homeless individuals.
  • Prepare reports of assisted clients for management database.
  • Collaborate with mental health or social work professionals to determine the most effective treatment plans.
  • Recommend individuals food camps, child care, money management, hygiene, or housing that are freely available to them.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Social and Human Service Assistant?

  • Social and human service assistants talk and listen to their clients in order to assist them with the services provided by the organization. They regularly work with individuals living in stressful and challenging situations. Apart from good communication and interpersonal skills required to develop strong relationships with the people, one also needs to have compassion, sensitivity, and empathy for clients to be comfortable with discussing sensitive matters.
  • They regularly need to complete a lot of paperwork for various clients. Thus, they need to be organized, detail-oriented, attentive, and punctual.
  • They also need to have strong problem-solving skills, creativity, and be critical thinkers to assist people find practical solutions to their concerns.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Social and Human Service Assistant?

Most of the social and human service assistants work for non-profit organizations, for-profit social service agencies, and other public or private organizations. They usually work full time, and at times may have night shifts and even work on the weekends. They might work under a supervisor or at times work independently.

Depending on their educational background, they can choose to extend their services in psychiatric hospitals, halfway homes, rehabilitation programs, and other community programs. Similarly, their job profile extends from being life skills counselors, community support workers, social work assistants, etc.

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