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Who is Singer?

Singers are professional performing artists who read, interpret and perform songs for their audience. They perform for live audiences onstage or for recorded sessions in the studio. Through their renditions of musical compositions, they deliver captivating performances that move their audience. Singers often expand their musical abilities by learning to play instruments, act, or dance which also increases their employment prospects in turn. Singers often specialize in particular styles of vocal music such as Carnatic, jazz, opera, pop, rock, country, folk among many others. Using their knowledge of harmony, melody, rhythm, and voice production in combination with the lyrics, singers are able to convey emotions, thoughts, and ideas in a manner that is pleasant to the ear. Depending upon their specific genre and style, they can work in a range of settings from concerts and music studios to cruise liners and theatre. These professionals often locate an agent for themselves who manages their bookings. They work closely with managers, music producers, recording label executives, and recording studio personnel.

Typical day at work

What does Singer do?

A Singer is responsible for reading, interpreting, and singing lyrics during a performance or recording session. They may work in an ensemble, as a solo artist, in a choir, as a backup singer, in operas, on Broadway, or in other musical theater. Singers use one or more vocal ranges, such as alto, baritone, or bass in certain music styles, including folk, rock, country, gospel, jazz, or rap.

  • Read, understand, and memorize the musical routines or follow printed musical notations
  • Rehearse with the ensemble to prepare for the performances as well as practice individually
  • Perform music in studios for recorded sessions
  • Coordinate with the musicians and fellow singers 
  • Perform at different venues to entertain audiences 
  • Audition for positions in music groups
  • Pay attention to the prompters for cues and instructions for vocal presentation
  • Compose original songs, create vocal arrangements, record covers of songs written by other artists
  • Commission songwriters to compose the lyrics to songs
  • Collaborate with music directors and producers to 
  • Engage in regular practice for vocal training
  • Attend promotional events, photoshoots, interviews and maintain relevant online presence on social media
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Singer?

A talent for singing is crucial for one to become a singer. Their vocal resonation, vocal range, harmonization abilities must be well developed for a singer to deliver heartrending performances for their audience. They should be well-versed in a range of vocal styles, with a creative sense of rhythm and melody to understand and perform music. They should be detail-oriented with excellent listening skills in order to identify tone and pitch. They should possess the ability to connect to their audiences through their musical performances as well as interactions with their fans. Time management skills are necessary for singers to avoid tardiness and follow recording, rehearsal, and performance schedules. Their networking abilities and interpersonal skills are essential in order to identify and secure work opportunities in the industry. This job demands patience, perseverance, and commitment to the art throughout one’s career. Creativity, self-discipline, and continued efforts towards sharpening one’s skills to stay up-to-date are necessary elements for a singer to be successful in their career.


Which course I can pursue?

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Which industries are open for Singer?

Booking Agents
Club Promoters
Talent Agents
Singers and Session Musicians.

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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Singer?

Most singers are self-employed or work as freelance artists on a contractual basis with various record labels or concert venues. Many singers go on to become voice coaches or music teachers, providing private lessons or setting up a music school. Many successful singers are also contacted for serving as a judge or consultant in singing competitions. They can choose to work as solo artists or as backup singers, background vocalists, or in musical bands, orchestras, choral groups etc. They can also lend their voice to narrations, animated features, commercial jingles, and advertisements. They perform across a range of settings such as music festivals, concerts, auditoriums, theatre productions, ceremonies, corporate events as well as on the television and radio. It is not typically a nine to five job with regular work schedules, instead singers have to devote much of their time in the day to practice and rehearsal sessions, and deliver performances in the evenings. They may be required to work during weekends and holidays as well. With the increased use of digital streaming services and downloads, skilled professional singers are now able to reach their audience more easily and are therefore in demand.

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