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Who is Ship Captain?

When one thinks about transportation, one generally thinks of planes and automobiles. However, ships are still one of the chief commercial means of transport, and they also play a part in commuter transit in some areas. Captains of the ships control seagoing vessels, from cruise ships to barges to freighter ferries. The captain is master of his ship, overseeing his crew, the course and speed of the ship.

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What does Ship Captain do?

The Ship or Boat Captain needs to guarantee that all legal measures are clung to in both the vessel and the group, giving specific consideration to any ecological issues, for example, oil slicks or the discharge of some other poisons. Working inside Maritime as a Ship or Boat Captain you will be liable for the wellbeing of the team and any payload, thus the Captain should normally review vessels to survey whether they are fit for sailing, and whether any apparatus on-board is alright for use. Experience inside the Maritime area and specialized information on the vessel is required to be fruitful right now, is a top to bottom comprehension of tides, route and the impacts of climate conditions.

Job description, Profiles, Roles and Duties:

  • Take charge of a ship, its crew and passengers
  • Appoint crew associates
  • Maintain detailed records
  • Monitor the loading and unloading of freight, keep logs and document efforts to control pollution
  • Act with senior officers and other staff members
  • Business, ship operation and navigation
  • Monitor ship's position
  • Set and evaluate the speed of the ship
  • Avoid threats
  • Conservation and preservation of ship's motors and equipment
  • Make sure safety procedures are followed
  • Compliance with both local and international legislation
  • Compliance with customary laws and conditions of local immigration
  • Mapping the route and preparing planned stops for the ship
  • Ability to use navigational software and the facilitation of software management
  • Coordination of the hands and eyes and physical strength
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Ship Captain?

A ship captain needs a diverse skill set. Expertise in estimating weather conditions, speed and other factors that impact the steering of a ship along with leading other crew members are some of them. A captain's required skills include communication, delegation, and organization.

The captain is completely responsible for any adversity that could happen on a ship. He/ she has to decide what course of action to take in case of an emergency. He/ she is the only individual on the ship who is sanctioned to issue an abandon ship command to protect people's lives on board.

The captain of the ship also has social duties. The captain will supervise the passenger’s embarkation and disembarkation, giving them a warm welcome upon arrival and expressing appreciation and thanking them on departure. Good analytical and problem-solving skills and calmness in emergencies also come in handy.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Ship Captain?

Beyond the basic educational experience and licensing outlined, becoming a ship's captain also requires work experience and other licenses. A prospective captain must be licensed to run the specific size and type of boat they plan to administer, and a license in basic first aid and CPR training. However, depending on the employer, one must have also logged a certain number of hours on a ship, and passed vision, drug, and physical screenings, depending on the employer.

Upon graduation, get work on a seafaring vessel as a deck officer or third mate. The third mate progresses to second mate, chief mate and one more year of service is required to apply for vessel master licensing, a critical step to becoming a ship captain.

The military also offers an additional training opportunity to ultimately become a ship's captain and often provides on-the-job training for lesser posts such as officers, quartermasters, and ship operators.

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