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Who is Sales Analyst?

A Sales Analyst evaluates and identifies trends in sales by analyzing the organization's data from both means that is within a company and outside. Sales analyst jobs involve collecting,  examining and using the information gathered to create intelligent reports and presenting the report to the management. A Sales Analyst is a person who is responsible for evaluating and predicting sales trends for small or large industries with the objective of helping them in the optimization of their promotional strategies. Moreover, a sales analyst is a person who also collects and analyses data related to sales. Individuals with passion for business,  mathematics and analytics can become sales analysts as the job requires driving critical business decisions by analyzing the company’s numbers and identifying emerging trends.

Typical day at work

What does Sales Analyst do?

Sales analysts are responsible for the assortment and investigation of sales information. They do this so as to expand deals efficiency and consumer loyalty just as diminish deals boundaries and low-income levels. They make institutionalized and redid reports that dissect everything from quantitative information to future needs forecasts.

A Sales Analyst job description consists of the following tasks:

  • Collects data and analyses the sales report.

  • Conducts research on current market changes and trends.

  • Uses sales prediction software to discover future trends.

  • Prepares and presents reports on their data analysis.

  • Advises on measures to improve the companies profitability.

  • Prepares daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports on sales review.

  • Guides the marketing team in developing promotional materials and campaigns.

  • Assess the company’s budget to guide on investments in promotions and marketing.

  • Leading informational meetings for staff to explain sales trends and new marketing strategies.


Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Sales Analyst?

  • In order to excel in any field, aspirants must possess certain attributes that complement the job role.
  • Sales analyst aspirants should have excellent communication skills because they have to deal with different levels in an organization. As the sales analyst solves complex issues in an organization, aspirants should have good comprehension skills, problem-solving skills, excellent observational skills, and critical thinking.
  • Sales Analysts should have the right blend of business acumen, technical knowledge, soft skills, execution abilities, along with presentation and persuasive skills in order to drive the team towards success.


Which course I can pursue?

Best Colleges

Which are the best colleges to attend to become Sales Analyst?


Which industries are open for Sales Analyst?

Depending on one’s educational background, experience, and skillsets, aspirants may apply for the following sales analyst related job profiles:

  • Finance Manager 
  • Financial Advisor 
  • Business Developer 
  • Corporate Sales Manager 
  • Sales Executive 

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Are there internships available for Sales Analyst?

In any given field, along with theoretical knowledge, it is always an added advantage to get an on-ground experience that enhances the aspirant’s understanding of the domain. It is highly encouraged to take up an internship and gain exposure to the latest software, methodologies and technology and become fluent with industrial standards. Aspirants may seek internships while studying and even after graduation. Preferably, aspirants must take up an internship program of a year or two under experienced professionals who can give you exposure and in-depth understanding of the industry.

Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Sales Analyst?

Sales Analyst is someone who contributes to sales and marketing strategies by providing an action plan and recommendations derived from the analysis of sales data and market trends. It is safe to say that a sales analyst is responsible for the financial health, growth and success of the organization. Thus, it is an important position in any organization. Sales analyst is a great career option for individuals who possess creative thinking, analytical skills and initiation. 

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