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Who is Researcher?

Researchers are highly competent persons who conduct research projects to address practical issues, test ideas, foresee trends, and investigate a subject. Their primary purpose is to collect, analyse, and synthesise information to contribute to scientific literature corpus or uncover novel answers to real-world issues. After defining their research topic, the Researcher creates a research plan outlining the procedures employed to fulfil the study's objectives adequately. They then collect, analyse, and interpret the data, which is neatly documented in the reports presented to the management and other stakeholders. They are adept in conducting systematic and organised investigations to source and extract significant information that can be used to further the field's expertise. Their abilities may be employed in a variety of areas, including banking, healthcare, public policy, marketing, literature, social science, and religion, to mention a few.

Typical day at work

What does Researcher do?

Researchers are in charge of gathering, organising, and evaluating views and data to solve problems, investigate topics, and forecast trends. They may specialise in different areas such as sociology, medicine, psychology, behavioural science, etc. Researchers must be aware of current market trends and ensure that their results align with the study objectives.

  • Outline the requirements and specifications of the research including the research question and the specific variables involves
  • Develop a research plan that would satisfactorily answer the research question
  • Conduct a review of literature, by compiling and analyzing existing information regarding the research variables from various reliable sources 
  • Determine the appropriate methods of data collection, sample size, sample properties  as suited to the research question and variables
  • Collect and record the data for the study by administering questionnaires, surveys, polls, interviews etc with the due consent of the participants
  • Ensure that the data is collected, stored, and utilize in a confidential manner
  • Develop and implement appropriate preventive measures to ensure the validity and reliability of the data collected
  • Organize, and analyse the data collected in order to identify patterns, explore cause-effect relationships or correlations
  • Compile information regarding the research study by writing a research paper and reports
  • Ensure that the ethical standards and guidelines for research are upheld
  • Present the findings from the research study to fellow researchers, stakeholders, and the public through conferences and journals
  • Draft and submit applications for research grants to secure funding


Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Researcher?

First and foremost, a researcher must be well-versed in their area. A researcher should have excellent critical thinking skills, advanced data analysis abilities, and knowledge about statistics to process and synthesise vast amounts of information and generate meaningful interpretations. They need to be familiar with the relevant computer software used to collect and analyse data. They should be analytical, detail-oriented, self-disciplined people with exceptional problem-solving abilities. They must have good communication skills, both verbal and written, to effectively work with the research team and produce documents and reports regarding the study. They should have the necessary interpersonal skills to work with the research team and the presentation skills to convey the insights from the research to others. They should have excellent knowledge about various data collection methods, sampling, and data analysis. Their time management and organising abilities are also required to carry out the research project correctly and on schedule. Additionally, they should be familiar with the relevant ethical and legal guidelines applicable to all research endeavours.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Researcher?

In today's world, there are many diverse job options for researchers. Many of these professionals start as research assistants, interviewers, research technicians or survey workers before becoming researchers themselves. They can also be hired on a temporary or contractual basis for specific projects or as full-time employees regarding the requirement. They can work independently as researchers or as a part of a research team. Depending upon their specialisation and the specific research methodology, they can work in laboratories, on-site locations, offices. They can be hired in a range of private and public sector industries, including educational institutes, the marketing industry, finance companies, scientific and technical consultancies, pharmaceutical companies, the information technology sector, software companies, manufacturing companies, to name a few. Researchers can help these companies to increase their business, streamline their efforts, address relevant issues.


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