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Who is Relationship Manager?

The one who builds and maintains relationships with clients and customers and is a part of the sales team is said to be a relationship manager. There are various kinds of relationship managers like digital relationship manager, customer relationship manager, client relationship manager. The role of the relationship manager is to help clients in sales opportunities and drawing in customers, observe the competition, strategies others using to stay ahead of the game. To become a relationship manager, the aspirant needs to have a bachelor's degree in Business, Management, Marketing. The aspirant who wishes to become a relationship manager must have experience in customer service or sales, also need to be able to analyze and resolve problems, work well with others, and demonstrate leadership. Relationship managers are members of a company who are assigned to communicating with certain entities outside or inside of the company. The main duty of relationship managers is to make adequate communication with entities. Relationship managers dealing with clients and customers explain what ethics the company is bound, what the company does, and why the client should choose this company over any competitors. Relationship managers work within a company in customer service or a part of a sales department.

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What does Relationship Manager do?

Relationship managers work with partners and clients to develop business connections. Client relationship management and company relationship management are the types of relationship management. Relationship managers assist companies in improving connections with clients and partners in both direct and indirect ways. Relationship managers evaluate communications, contracts, and negotiations using data to search for trends and problems. The information is utilised to improve corporate procedures. Client relationship managers try to foster a culture of client interactions that are built on trust and value rather than just on pricing. Internal communication between business divisions inside a bigger firm, as well as communication with suppliers and other outside entities, is overseen by business relationship managers

The roles and responsibilities include:

  • Build long-term relationships with clients and customers, Create and enforce plans that will help meet the needs of customers, work quickly to address and resolve customer issues.
  • To Notify the sales team of new sales, become familiar with the competition to stay ahead.
  • To encourage good customer service practices and high-sales, create strategies, and work with clients to boost their brand, help promote and maintain a positive company image.
  • To cultivate new clients through referrals and calling efforts to achieve individual and team revenue goal
  • To build positive relations with customers, assist in generating new business, identify opportunities for greater profits, understand customer needs and develop plans, cultivate profitable relationships identify the key staff in client companies, resolve customer complaints, cross-selling, forward upselling opportunities to the sales team.
  • To promote high-quality sales, supply and customer service processes, approach potential customers to establish relationships, aim to preserve customers and renew contracts, gain a solid knowledge of competitors.


Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Relationship Manager?

 Individual must have knowledge of customer relationship management practices, problem-solving attitude, excellent communication skills, aptitude for fostering positive relationships, experience in sales or customer service is preferred, teamwork and leadership skills, customer-oriented mindset, must have a personality that is sociable and extroverted, excellent verbal and written communication skills, good interpersonal ability to solve conflicts, computer skills, willingness to travel and meet with clients in person.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Relationship Manager?

Pursuing a career as a relationship manager the individual will enjoy benefits like medical, dental, vision, and retirement. Many relationships managers make commission and can earn bonuses and various perks when sales figures are met by the company. Also, money is good in this profession, good work culture, individual will get to interact with interesting people or customers.

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