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Who is Quality Control Manager?

Quality control manager is one who  ensures that the quality of the finished products of an organization is up to the mark of the standards as specified in the company policy or in the contract signed between the company and the buyer. Controlling and maintaining the quality of any finished product, may it  be any factory output or organizational output, is very important in order to hold goodwill. Though it is  thought that maintenance of the quality of any product or  service means performing above a certain lower limit  But it is not the real picture. The quality of any finished product or service is dependent on various factors. It depends on how far the quality is durable , its finishing, its feel and the cost incurred. Thus, it is not only the buyer to whose satisfaction, the quality of any product should be maintained, but it is also the seller who needs to run up to mark to ensure their interest.

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What does Quality Control Manager do?

Quality managers work to guarantee that an organization's goods and services are fit for purpose, lawful and fulfil consumer expectations. A quality manager, often known as a quality assurance manager, is responsible for coordinating the actions necessary to achieve the quality standards established for specific products or services. They make sure that the quality is constant and that it satisfies both external and internal standards. Their responsibilities include monitoring and advising on the quality management system's effectiveness, providing data and reporting on performance, and measuring against specified criteria. They create and implement a company's quality methods, standards, and specifications, as well as assess and ensure that client needs are satisfied. They collaborate with buying to develop quality standards for external vendors. They establish quality, health, and safety standards and ensure that manufacturing and production processes comply with international and national regulations.

  • A quality control manager supervises the staff of the production unit  and does an overview of the procedures of the product development to guarantee that quality and efficiency standards are met or not.
  • Holds an understanding of the needs and requirements  of the clients and communicates with them.
  • Devise, improves and reviews new specification and procedures for products  or processes  and training personnel to use them
  • Ensures the settlements of the raw materials  from the suppliers and also looks over their compliances.
  • Supervises inspectors,technicians and other staff members and provides them with proper guidance.
  • Guarantees  that  the legal obligations are followed and takes into account of assent of the regulatory bodies with health and safety guidelines.
  • Oversees the developmental procedures to identify deviation or mis-match from quality standard.
  • Inspects the final product comparing it to the desired requirements and decides whether to accept or reject the finished product or services taking in accordance of the inspection done.
  • Carries accurate documentation of the processes and performs statistical analysis based on it.
  • Take feedback from the clients, attend meetings, submit reports and assist external auditors and inspectors.

Issuing reports on a regular basis also forms an important work of a quality control manager. On the basis of the size and structure of the company the quality manager may have to report to numerous people. In a large corporate environment with multiple quality management roles, managers may need to report to the Head of  Quality, he /she again in turn reports supply chain or operations directors. Quality managers may even report directly to the departmental director. while in small manufacturing and engineering companies, The Quality control manager report to the Managing director or the Chief Executive 
Being a quality control manager  one can tread through a number of career pathways and come across a variety of people. Gradually, as one grows higher up in this field workload reduces. However the work can get a bit monotonous and a high level of experience may be required to get into this field. Professional education is a must for the role of a quality control manager and even additional education is sometimes also required. 

Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Quality Control Manager?

To start with the academics one should have to begin one's job as a quality control manager, one should have sufficient experiences in the three basic fields:

  • Quality control
  • Project management
  • Engineering

Besides the academic qualification one should carry following skills to pursue promising career in quality control management
·         Reading comprehension
·         Active listening
·         Writing
·         Speaking
·         Science
·         Critical thinking
·         Complex problem solving skills
·         Quality control analysis skills
·         Judgement and decision making skills
·         Monitoring skills
·         Coordination skills
·         Active learning skills
·         Time management skills
·         Learning strategies
·         Mathematical and logical skills
·         Instructing skills
·         Social perceptiveness skills
·         Operation monitoring
·         Management of personal resources
·         Systems evaluation
Apart from these above mentioned skills knowledge is also required in :
·         Production and processing
·         Customer and personal service
·         Chemistry
·         English language
·         Clerical
·         Computers and electronics
·         Material  production
·         Education and training
·         Mechanical
·         Public safety and security
·         Mathematics
·         Biology
·         Administration and management
·         Law and government
·         Communication and media


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Quality Control Manager?

 As a quality control manager one can go to the
·         Manufacturing industries
·         Food processing companies
·         Export houses
·         Textile and cloth manufacturing
·         Software development companies

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