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Who is Purchasing Manager?

A purchasing manager operates as an agent for several different companies or organizations. They bargain with businesspeople for the best possible prices for the commodities. Even before negotiation takes place, a review must be done to obtain information on suppliers so that it makes it easier to decide about the various factors and interview them. A purchasing manager keeps a hold of the suppliers on a contractual basis along with other necessary agreements. They search for the goods and services required by their firm and do their best to buy them for the best possible quality for a reasonable price. Those who are associated with manufacturers, purchase raw materials for them and those who operate for wholesalers or retailers are responsible for purchasing final goods. They plan, direct, or coordinate the activities of customers, purchasing administrators, as well as related workers who are involved in purchasing products and services. This includes wholesale as well as retail trade managers along with acquisition managers.

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What does Purchasing Manager do?

A purchasing manager purchases goods for use or resale by companies. Suppliers are evaluated, contracts are negotiated, product quality is reviewed, and buying agents and buyers are often supervised. In smaller businesses, the buying manager may also serve as a buyer's representative. Purchasing managers procure things, both durable and nondurable, as well as services for businesses and organisations. They attempt to secure the greatest deal for their company, which means high-quality goods and services at a reasonable price. They do so by reviewing sales records and current stock inventory levels, identifying international and local suppliers, and staying current on changes influencing product and material supply and demand. When selecting suppliers and products, they examine pricing, quality, availability, dependability, and technical support. They must have a working technical understanding of the items or services to be purchased to be effective. One of the most important aspects of any business is evaluating suppliers.

Their core responsibilities involve conducting:

  • A thorough study of the market to catalogue price trends and future anticipation of the availability of required goods and services is their responsibility.
  • Keep a tab on supplies and goods; positioning vendors; bargaining rates; preparing and purchase orders; along with maintaining records for every purchase.
  • Responsible for hiring, training and managing juniors alongside being involved in an overall role for the development of product or machinery specifications.
  • Responsible for developing appropriate policies and schemes to help work them out.
  • Hold the power to decide about suppliers and take interviews with prospective vendors.
  • Frequently visit trade shows to acquire information about the new trends in the business.
  • Coordinate with buyers and purchasing agents to get them hired for the company.
  • Develop cost reduction strategies and savings plans.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Purchasing Manager?

The quality of leadership and the capability to motivate others is a must for a person applying for this position. An individual must also be equipped with problem-solving abilities and analytical skills for usage in mathematical areas that are essential for their job role. The individual must be able to express themselves both verbally and in writings as well, as their field requires them to manage people. For those individuals who are more inclined towards international businesses, foreign language skills are useful for them in the long run. With the rise in online purchases in today's world, computer literacy is the main requirement. Another very important specification required is negotiation skills along with keeping a keen eye towards cost savings. They need to be very much flexible and adaptive on their workstation as well as client dealing. They must have the fluency of ideas, this means that they must possess the ability to come up with a number of ideas about a topic. Their oral, as well as written comprehension, must also be efficient as they will need an upper hand in reading or listening in order to understand the information and ideas provided.


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Which industries are open for Purchasing Manager?

Corporate house
Financial corporations
Trading corporations
Entertainment and fashion industries
Hospitality industries
Telecom and IT sector

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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Purchasing Manager?

The role of a purchasing manager holds one of the most important positions in the supply chain. They play a crucial role in marking the company's name in today's global economy. Most of the people holding the position of a purchasing manager work comfortably from their offices. travelling is a crucial part of their work, especially for the ones working in the fashion sector, to get a better view of the constantly changing trends. A purchasing manager has a wide range of employment possibilities in both, public as well as private sector. A few other aspects for them are no fixed working hours, they need to be available for late evenings as well as weekends during peak period to meet their goals. They must interview and hire new staff members along with overseeing the staff training as well as their performance in general.

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