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Who is Product Design Engineer?

A product design engineer is the artistic and manufacturing genius behind every product that we use, today. Product design engineers apply manufacturing, engineering and design concepts in order to produce beautiful functional products. They work with several other professionals within an organization in order to discuss product requirements, present and review prototypes, and discuss required design modifications. During this entire process, product design engineers must keep in mind the company's product standards and specifications, needs of the consumers and the current trends. Also, they must be mindful of how their decisions affect the product quality, performance and cost. Product design engineers must have an understanding of the industry they work in - be it a medicine or information technology. 

Typical day at work

What does Product Design Engineer do?

Product designers are responsible for the design, creation, testing, and development of new products. They are responsible for utilizing their specialties, knowledge, and practical experience of creative design and engineering to produce functional, effective, and aesthetically-pleasing products. They research and develop ideas and processes for new products, improve the performance and design of existing products, and overseeing the production and packaging of final products.

The role of a product design engineer is diverse and dynamic. Generally, the job description of a product design engineer comprises of the following tasks: 

  • improve the performance and design of existing products
  • research and develop ideas and processes for new products
  • Evaluate production cost estimates of a new product and determine if the product is worth the effort and cost. 
  • present designs and prototypes to the clients for approval 
  • conduct tests and analyze data generated from lab experiments
  • determine if the product is safe, attractive and functional
  • incorporate any feedback from the client on the design
  • plan marketing initiatives for the product
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Product Design Engineer?

  • In order to excel in any field, aspirants must possess certain attributes that complement the job role. In a similar fashion, a product design engineer must have a flair for creativity and design.
  • Aspirants must have great communication skills, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, an eye for details, team-working skills, strong mathematical skills and computer skills for using CAD and similar software.
  • Besides, having commercial awareness of the industry that an aspirant wishes to work in is looked upon favorably. 


Which course I can pursue?

Best Colleges

Which are the best colleges to attend to become Product Design Engineer?


Which industries are open for Product Design Engineer?

Depending on one’s educational background, experience, and skillsets, aspirants may apply for the following product design engineering jobs: 

    1. Product designer

    2. Product research technician

    3. Project leader

    4. Design technician

    5. Industrial designer

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    Are there internships available for Product Design Engineer?

    In any given field, along with theoretical knowledge, it is always an added advantage to get an on-ground experience that enhances the aspirant’s understanding of the domain. It is highly encouraged to take up an internship and gain exposure to the latest software and hardware tools, methodologies and technology and become fluent with industrial standards. Aspirants may seek internships while studying and even after graduation. Product design interns may be expected to work with a small design team and assist to make products for consumers. They may participate at any stage of the product cycle from ideation, design, and development to testing.

    Career Outlook

    What does the future look like for Product Design Engineer?

    Every product that is used in today's world was initially just a concept in the mind of a product design engineer. A product design engineer is an outstanding career choice for individuals who have a flair for artistic acumen and technology and want to create beautiful products that have the potential to change people's lives. It is a fulfiling career that can offer good work-life balance, job security, rewarding salary packages and growth prospects after substantial experience in the field. 

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