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Who is Primary School Teacher?

Teaching may be among the most satisfying and challenging professions. Teaching requires the systematic application of expertise, skills and qualities designed to offer personalized service to fulfill individual and social educational needs. Teachers aid us in reaching the aims we struggle to achieve!

Primary Teachers mainly deal with children of 5 to 11 years. As a Primary Teacher, you have to make students study and understand novel things in life that will form their opinions and shape their cognitive, verbal, mathematical and reasoning skills. Instead of teaching 1-2 subjects, you have to teach them a large diversity of topics. This will aid them in developing some rudimentary concepts and shape the foundation that will stay with them for their later life.

Typical day at work

What does Primary School Teacher do?

Primary school teachers are responsible for teaching approved national curriculum subjects to pupils aged 5-11. They play a vital role in developing a child's intellect and work habits, as primary school is the first time most children are in a strictly educational environment. They apply appropriate teaching strategies for each subject and use methods to keep students engaged thus encouraging class participation.


Job description, Profiles, Roles and Duties:

  • Develop every day and longer-term lesson plans according to the curriculum guidelines
  • Teach a wide variety of learning arenas, comprising English (reading, speaking, writing and listening), math, science, society and environment, creative arts, etc.
  • Developing children's interests, skills and coordination utilizing artistic experiences like arts, music, and sport
  • Using the computers to help plan, teach and monitor lessons
  • Offer a clean and safe environment, and adopt procedures to safeguard students
  • Conduct administrative responsibilities
  • Oversee children during lectures and at several times during the day as well as during breaks in the playground
  • Join staff meetings and other training and development activities, and be a part of educational decision-making
  • Gauge and assess the growth of students in both written and oral work
  • Confer the progress of the students and their apprehensions about parents and administrators
  • Organize parent-teacher meetings and other functions and attend them
  • Guiding debates and supervising classroom work
  • Presentation of approved curricula using a range of teaching methods and materials
  • Carrying out extracurricular tasks, like sports assistance, school concerts, trips and special interest programmes
  • Teach students the skills of literacy, numeracy, social science, creative expression and physical education
  • Confer individual growth and issues with students and parents and pursue counsel from student counsellors and senior teachers
  • Preparation, administration and marking of tests, projects and assignments to evaluate the development of the students and note the outcomes
  • Developing the talents, capacities and teamwork of students through innovative practices
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Primary School Teacher?

Primary teachers do need to have some key competencies. These comprise exceptional communication and website preservation abilities, online board management for discussion, and tools for education. Foremost is the expertise to communicate knowledge and concepts so that others understand. You may have all the knowledge of the subject matter, but if you do not possess the skill to convey and express it effectively to a class of students in a language they understand, then in a teaching setting your knowledge does not hold much meaning.

A primary teacher should also have information of the ideologies and techniques for developing curriculum and planning training, educating and learning for individuals and classes, and measuring the results of learning; that is creating a curriculum suitable to the students and also evaluating if it leads to knowledge gain of the subject matter. Therefore, you should know how to use and run apps and technology, like MS-Powerpoint.

A primary teacher should concentrate on making the subject matter accessible to any and all students. You should also be exposed to a variety of teaching approaches, guaranteeing confidence in providing lessons which are stimulating and accessible.

Additionally, you should possess a high emotional quotient as empathy and care is critical for dealing with children from all sorts of backgrounds. An aura of self-confidence, zest for learning novel things on a daily basis and dynamism would come in handy, otherwise fatigue and boredom could begin to slip in.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Primary School Teacher?

You could be employed in an independent or state school as a primary school teacher. School sizes and classroom sizes differ according to the country you are situated in.

Primary teachers could teach students with special educational necessities or work in pastoral care.

With experience, you might become an educational specialist leader, backing teachers in other schools or start private tuitions.

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