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Who is Pre Primary school teacher?

Pre Primary School Teacher refers to a specially trained individual who plays an important role in developing a child’s personality, knowledge, and growth. These teachers are the ones responsible for taking care of children while teaching them the fundamental basics of life and education. As they are the first teachers to provide instruction to the children, they play a huge part in the formative years of a child. A nursery teacher addresses all of the core areas that a child needs to grow in by providing educational classes, arranging games and activities, and conducting hands-on learning activities or field excursions.

Typical day at work

What does Pre Primary school teacher do?

The pre-primary school teacher is a professional educator who works by guiding and educating young infants and toddlers through various creative ways and methods. Since they work with such young children, the pre-primary school teachers tend to work with the kids by establishing certain rules for the children. They ensure that the kids learn the civilized behaviours of the society, they start learning responsibility and experience good social behaviours. These teachers' teaching methods and instructional ways are such that they make sure to teach children sensory perception, auditory reception and help them learn using all of their other senses. Eventually, they also evaluate the students based on their performances and appropriate development. Finally, they also stay updated about the children's holistic health.

Job description, Profiles, Roles and Duties:

  • Form and implement behavioural rules and policies and procedures to keep the students in order
  • Get kids ready for later grades by inspiring them to discover learning opportunities and pursue challenging tasks
  • Impart basic abilities like colour, digit and letter recognition, shapes, personal cleanliness and social skills
  • Direct and advise students with adjustment difficulties or academic concerns or special academic interests
  • Develop and execute remedial programmes for students needing additional help
  • Detect children with symptoms of social, developmental or health-associated issues and address them with managers, parents or guardians and experts in child development
  • Keep student records precise and thorough and make reports on children and events as mandated by rules, district policies and administrative principles
  • Form specific goals for all chapters, units and projects and convey those goals to children
  • Strategize and carry out activities for a well-adjusted programme of teaching, demo, and work time that offers students with opportunities to observe, inquire and examine 
  • Establish and lead activities involving art and craft, music, games and storytelling
  • See parents and guardians to confer about the growth of their children and to define their priorities for their children and their requirements for resources
  • Work in partnership with other instructors and administrators to create, evaluate and revise kindergarten programmes
  • Prepare materials, classrooms and other outdoor and indoor spaces to facilitate creative activities, learning and motor skills, and safety
  • Organize and mark materials and show work for children in a manner suitable to their size and perceptive abilities
  • Aid students in developing imagination through the classroom's several learning centres
  • Enable children to cultivate better synchronization by using gross and fine motor activities
  • Assist kindergartners in maintaining a healthy physical body and body image
  • Educate students about nature through worldly experiences
  • Include parent helpers and older students in activities for children to enable engagement in motivated, complex play
  • Give standardized aptitude and achievement assessments and deduce outcomes to assess the developmental stages and needs of children.
  • Use positive discipline tactics that are developmentally appropriate
  • Support the students cultivate positive relations in their lives with each other and with other people
  • Offer assistive devices, support equipment, and facility access aid to students with disabilities, like restrooms
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Pre Primary school teacher?

To become a Kindergarten and elementary teacher, the aspirants must need to develop certain skills like Confidence, Discipline, Classroom management skills, Organization skills, Interpersonal skills, Planning skills, Innovative, Patience, Leadership skills, Team player, Time management skills, Mentoring/ counselling skills, Communication skills, Hardworking.

Prospective kindergarten teachers should love children first and foremost. Much of your day will be focused on teaching, caring for, and raising kids, and thus, you might be one of their first role models too.

Kindergarten teachers must demonstrate good classroom management skills as you need to maintain the attention time of several young children at one time. Teachers must also be able to create and execute lesson plans and make sure that every child receives a quality education in their room. This also includes being just and ensuring everybody gets an appropriate learning environment.

Kindergarten teachers, additionally, play a critical role in the progress of the child; the job necessitates that you be able to communicate effortlessly with your students and instigate confidence and trust. To make sure that your classroom promotes and encourages a learning atmosphere, it's imperative to maintain your classroom in order.

It can be exhausting to cater to young, enthusiastic children and a lot of patience and empathy are also required for success. Since you will teach young students, it's essential to take into account their feelings and apprehensions.

It is crucial as a kindergarten teacher to curate innovative ideas to ensure that students are involved in the classroom. That will encourage them to be imaginative and discover novel ways of artistically expressing themselves.


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Are there internships available for Pre Primary school teacher?

The internship allows students to get job experience in a company while still attending university. The aspirants will get practical knowledge and training about basic teaching methods such as showing pictures, storytelling, rhyming, games, music, artwork, and play. The aspirants will learn about the various teaching methods and will dedication, sincere, creative, empathy, responsibility, and patience.

Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Pre Primary school teacher?

Preschool teacher employment is expected to expand 18 percent between 2020 and 2030, substantially faster than the average for all occupations. About 89,600 openings for preschool teachers are projected each year, on average, over the decade. Kindergarten teachers might also be employed in elementary schools. The choice to be a kindergarten teacher in a public, private, or charter elementary school is up to the candidate.

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