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Who is Police Officer?

An individual involved with a career in the police department is obliged to fulfil their duties by identifying, follow or arrest suspects involved in criminal acts. They are responsible for public safety by keeping a check on the quick reaction towards emergencies. They must be willing to keep the people safe and exercise laws wherever needed. They promote good community relations. They record facts to make reports that register incidents and activities. They register, investigate and solve illegal or suspicious activities. The career of a police officer is one of the most highly valued positions in society. They must register facts in the form of reports that contain incidents and testimonials. They are authorised to investigate the illegal or suspicious aspects of an activity and take action against it. Maintaining law and order must come in handy to them along with identifying the problems and situations that lead to the crime. A good built-up physique is also required for the job. They either work as a team or take charge independently to get a task done. 



Typical day at work

What does Police Officer do?

Police officers work for law enforcement authorities in their nation, region, or city, and they take an oath to protect and serve the people they represent. Police officers enforce the law by arresting offenders and identifying and preventing crimes. The primary responsibility of a police officer is to preserve public order. Patrol policemen spend their days dealing with lawbreakers, whether on foot, in a car, or even on horseback. Of course, there are the usual traffic offences to deal with, but police officers are often called to investigate burglary and other severe crimes. Police officers can issue a warning or ticket or arrest and hold a suspect if the offence is serious. Officers, on the other hand, are trained to protect themselves as well as possible victims.

The role and responsibilities of a police officer are :

  1. Interviewing the suspected or probable criminal and taking down their statements.
  2. Generate a report by compiling the data together that was found from various sources. 
  3. Paperwork is crucial to them as they must follow all the legal procedures of drafting a report.
  4. Gathering and providing relevant evidences to the court.
  5. Establishing the reliability of the people and information collected
  6. Conducting interviews, search for records, keep a watch on suspects are the mandatory parts of the work profile.
  7. Take part in raids and arrests to collect evidence or get hands-on criminals. 
  8. In case of requirement, they must testify in court.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Police Officer?

The abilities and skills required for the position of a police officer are very essential as they help in their overall working abilities in their occupation. They need to be active listeners essentially, this helps them in paying thorough attention to what people have in mind. This helps them in filing reports and documents in their cases. They will also have an upper hand over asking relevant questions. They must also be critical thinkers so as to use logic and reasoning while looking for probable solutions to a situation. Their speaking ability must be fluent to help communicate their ideas and plans more efficiently. They must also possess an understanding of other people's reactions, as to why someone reacted the way they did. Their inductive reasoning ability must be precise, this means that they must be able to combine pieces of information to see a bigger picture. Their physical endurance must be efficient so that they can be comfortable with the fieldwork provided. They must give attention to detail and have adequate professionalism.




Which course I can pursue?

Best Colleges

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Which industries are open for Police Officer?

  • State Government.
  • Central Government

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Are there internships available for Police Officer?

The internship allows aspirants to learn, a willingness to listen and to ask questions, and respect for authority. The training period for police officer is for 3 months where they are trained academically including includes classroom instruction on topics such as state and city laws, legal processes, and accident or crime investigation. The aspirants are provided with hands-on training in traffic control, weapons use, first aid, and emergency response. After the police training academically, junior police officer officers are generally assigned to a senior officer for an on-the-job training and mentoring period, where they are trained to deal with real life scenario. The training will help the junior officer to communicate effectively both verbally and effectively. Aspirants who are bilingual or multilingual often have an advantage when it comes to hiring.

Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Police Officer?

The occupational outlook of a police officer is projected to grow by 5 per cent in the decade of 2019 to 2029, growing in a better way than most of the average careers associated with the field. The growing need in the field is sure to open many new career paths and positions for officers opting for this course. The people joining the career enjoy the dignity and status associated with it. They receive a sense of pride and achievement in society. They enjoy a number of job benefits and government schemes apart from the salary allocated to them. They acquire excellent training that helps them fulfil their job role to an optimum level, such as identification of the problem, finding possible solutions to the same problem, then applying the best solution for the same. While keeping a check on other careers, the profession of police officers does not have layoffs, this is because the retiring officers make way for the new recruits.


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