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Who is Optician?

Opticians address the eyewear needs of customers. This includes preparing eyewear, serving customers who seek glasses or contacts, fitting and adjusting eyewear according to prescription plus customer specifications. It is also part of the job description to educate clients about eyewear difficulties. Modest business tasks for opticians involve keeping sales records and maintaining inventory. Opticians may work in the offices of health care practitioners or may run their own optical business.

Typical day at work

What does Optician do?

The job of an optician is to assess all prescriptions in order to ensure that they are in sync with the needs of the customer. The opticians are the technicians whose work is to guide the clients with their concerns related to their eyesight or other concerns. They also provide recommendations for certain lenses, lens coatings, fashionable but appropriate frames for their glasses, and any other requirements that the consumers may have about their purchase on the website. The opticians not only do this but also measure the client's eyesight using the particular chart and instruments. They also maintain the records on the client's information, the information related to the types of equipment and the frames they have in stock, etc. They manage various aspects of the business from the technicalities of the eye wears to the guidance of the clients.

  Optician combine clerical and technical duties including customer service responsibilities.

  • Opticians regularly interact with customers as they're usually the primary people clients are available to contact when entering a vision care centre.
  • Opticians also fit customers with contact lenses and eyeglasses. This is done by following prescriptions issued by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. When fitting customers with eyewear, there's a requirement to think about their facial structure, features and what quite work they're going to be doing while wearing their eyewear.
  • Opticians take all that into consideration and essentially put the finishing touches on the vision care experience.
  • A dispensing optician has the potential of fixing customer eyeglasses that are damaged. This can provide a quick fix for customers and keep them from having to order a new pair of glasses.
  • Opticians attend to contact lens issues as well.
  • Contact lens training prepares opticians to affect this aspect of the work, although not all opticians have acquired this skill. Customers even enjoy expert advice provided by opticians on the way to properly look after their glasses and get in touch with lenses.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Optician?

Opticians should have the ability to understand mathematical and scientific information, accuracy and attention to detail, the ability to adapt new techniques and instruments. They also have the ability to maintain concentration for repetitive tasks, strong communication skills, a genuine desire to help people and the ability to put anxious patients at ease.


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Are there internships available for Optician?

Taking the opportunity to work in corporate eye care centres or working under some experienced and trained professionals in the field is another lucrative option and will also give you contacts for future reference.

Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Optician?

Opticians are the technicians who help and guide individuals with their eye care. Opticians help the patients and customs find the best fit of glasses for them. If the clients demand the contact lenses, they make sure that the clients get the best fit and the most comfortable contact lenses for themselves. They also ensure that the individuals understand the prescriptions and follow them thoroughly that are given by the doctors. The opticians work in the offices of the physicians or the ophthalmologists. This work requires enough precision, good analytical skills, and at the same time enough empathetic skills to not only be good at their work but also support the clients well.

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