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Who is Occupational Therapist?

Occupational therapy is the science of preventing, treating, and rehabilitating persons who are physically, emotionally, cognitively, or neurologically impaired. Occupational therapist, is the health professional that helps physically or mentally challenged patients to lead a life as normal as it can be adopting various medical and scientific techniques. They are professionals that wish to contribute to society while also making a living. Occupational therapists treat patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly, and, unlike other health professions, they can work in a variety of settings, including patients' homes, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, rehabilitation centres, patients' workplaces, and their own physician's offices.

Typical day at work

What does Occupational Therapist do?

An occupational therapist is a professional therapist who works in the rehabilitation centres, hospitals, clinics, or the educational areas where the special kids study. The occupational therapist tests assess and evaluate the physical and mental health of the patients. They aim to create such plans and programs and implement them in such a way that the individual's health gets better. The occupational therapists work with certain specific physical activities in terms of working with their finest of muscles and bigger muscles to make the individual functional in their daily routine. Their major aim is to help them improve their physical health, especially along with their mental health. They also work with certain equipment and props that are specific to improve the particular muscles of the body for the individual.

  • Evaluate a patient’s condition and needs
  • Develop treatment plans, goals, and activities
  • Help patients with daily tasks such as getting dressed and making meals
  • Teach exercises that relieve pain and increase mobility
  • Evaluate a client’s home and workspace and suggest improvements
  • Advise patient’s family and employer about needs and care
  • Recommend helpful devices and equipment and teach a client how to use them
  • Monitor progress and adjust treatment as needed
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Occupational Therapist?

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Compassion, empathy, and a desire to help people
  • Strong analytical and observational skills
  • Flexibility and creativity to develop individualized treatment plans
  • Patience in working with people who may be frustrated or upset
  • Time-management skills
  • Keen attention to detail


Which course I can pursue?

Best Colleges

Which are the best colleges to attend to become Occupational Therapist?


Which industries are open for Occupational Therapist?

·      Hospitals

·      Rehabilitation care units

·      Clinical research facilities

·      Wellness centers

·      Assisted living centers

·      Psychiatric facilities

·      Detention centers

·      Forensic institutions

·      Crisis centers

·      Senior communities and schools.

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Are there internships available for Occupational Therapist?

Take the opportunity to work with an experienced Therapist. It will enable you to gain practical experience while also providing you with contacts for future reference.

Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Occupational Therapist?

Occupational therapists are in great demand to work with the patients suffering with orthopaedic, neurological and psychological conditions. They can practice privately by opening their own clinic. Various government and NGO organisations also employ Occupational therapists. To meet the requirements of their patients, occupational therapists work a variety of shifts, including nights and weekends. They may work in an office setting or in a client's home, and they frequently travel from one location to another. The need for Occupational Therapists is expected to grow by 18 percent for the next several years, which is much faster than average. As baby boomers grow older, the need for therapy will rise.

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