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Who is Nurse?

Nurses are qualified, licensed, and registered medical experts, working alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals, to offer treatment and nursing care to ill, injured, recovering, or disabled patients. A registered nurse, or RN, is a healthcare professional who looks after and takes care of patients, dispenses prescriptions, keeps records, consults with doctors, educates patients, and more. They typically do not need to meet the master's degree requirement of a nurse practitioner.

Typical day at work

What does Nurse do?

A nurse is a professional who works in the health industry. The nurse works very closely with the patients and the doctors. They are a strong bridge between the doctors and the patients. They assess the health of the patient, understand their needs and requirements, and function according to that. In addition, a nurse prepares, works under supervision, and implements support and nurse care plans for assessing the health of patients. They also maintain all the medical records, save the older records and create new medical files and records. They at times also advise the patients on certain things like the things they should eat and do during their recovery. They also monitor and report the recorded symptoms or the change in the health of the patients.

  • Keep accurate, detailed patient’s medical reports, information, and records
  • Give medications and check for reactions or side effects in patients
  • Monitor, record, and report patient’s vital signs, symptoms, or health condition changes
  • Consult and coordinate with doctors to evaluate, develop, enforce, or modify treatment care plans based on patients' response
  • Oversee every patient care aspects, even diet and physical activity
  • Train less-skilled nursing or healthcare staff and student interns
  • Assist patients for examinations or treatments
  • Evaluate individual or family needs to recognize potential health or safety concerns
  • Organize rooms, sterile tools, instruments, or equipment and safeguard maintenance of supplies’ stock
  • Administer anesthetics and report to doctor about patient's condition during anesthesia
  • Assist in health care, first aid, vaccinations, or rehabilitation in community programs
  • Assist surgeons during operations to handover surgical tools
  • Visit and take patient’s feedback to warrant proper nursing care
  • Administer particular laboratory tests
  • Analyse diagnostic tests to assess patient's condition
  • Conduct physical examinations, formulate tentative diagnoses, and treat patients in the ambulance
  • Look over administrative or managerial functions about staff budget, goals, etc.
  • Efficiently use and maintain medical equipment.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Nurse?

Nurses must be able to listen and communicate actively and attentively to the needs of the patients. To analyse the data, they must ask the correct questions. They also regularly interact with other professionals and administrative staff. Thus, having good communication, in written and verbal as well as interpersonal skills is necessary. They must be sensitive, calm, polite, patient, and empathic to patients’ needs and concerns. They must make their patients feel at ease and demonstrate that they care, which necessitates emotional intelligence.

To decide the appropriate course of action for a patient's symptoms, they need analytical thinking, problem-solving, judgement, and decision-making skills. They must demonstrate commitment, attention to detail, tenacity, and perseverance in order to commit to years of hard practise. They need to efficient at team and time management as well as leadership and multitasking skills in order to care for various patients with different needs at the same time. They must be well-organized, accountable, adaptable, and vigilant.


They work with very sharp tools like syringes, thus they need to have manual dexterity as mistakes can have serious consequences. Because they spend so much time on their feet, they must have self-discipline, spatial orientation, physical stamina, and physical dexterity.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Nurse?

Nurse can find a full-time job in Government and private hospitals, community health care centres, or clinics. They work in a particular medical department in the hospital. Their shifts usually alternate between day and night in the hospital, thus, their working hours may be irregular, at times, and overtime or urgent posting is required in case of emergencies.

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