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Who is Museum Conservator?

An individual who restores maintains or prepares items in the museum facility for storage, research or exhibition purposes is known as a museum conservator. The conservator makes sure that the prestigious artefacts, portraits or any other works of beauty are kept protected and preserved. The old objects look astonishingly fresh because of their hard work and creative skills even when they were manufactured hundreds of years ago. A museum conservator specializes in conserving a specific form of the artefact, be it books, drawings, fossils, paintings, specimens, sculptures, etc. They are people who have a keen eye for detail, a scientific aptitude, are well-versed in the newest technological advances, and are passionate about the arts. They are the reason for various stunning artworks and glittering artefacts. They make things look as beautiful now as they did when they were created. Those who work at museums manage, store, and restore ageing artwork and artefacts, restoring them to their original, glorious state.

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What does Museum Conservator do?

Museum conservators are responsible for the care, preservation, and treatment of works of art and artefacts, as well as their restoration to their original spectacular state. Many work in museums and heritage sites, where they play an important role in educating the public by repurposing precious objects and bringing them back to life with the help of their expertise and knowledge.

Job description, Profiles, Roles and Duties:

  • Investigates and preserves the museum’s fragile, adored, and unique works of art.
  • Needs experience and crafts in artifact study, handling, research, cleaning and delicacy.
  • Need to protect the items by keeping a stable environment by controlling the light, temperature and humidity of the room.
  • The  need to be cleaned with precise care using particular cleaners best suited for each substance.
  • They need to supervise curators and other technicians working in the museum.
  • They need to artifact make sure about the proper display settings of artifacts within the exhibits.
  • They may also need to travel to connect with collectors of artifact and art protectors from other exhibits to organize events.
  • They need to have expert knowledge in analytics, critical thinking and organizing skills.
  • They must have a great sense of knowledge for effective chemicals, x-ray operations and use of laboratory tools.
  • They must have adequate knowledge of creating treatment plans
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Museum Conservator?

  • The individual must be an active listener, providing full attention to what others have to say, taking down points and asking appropriate questions. They must also have the ability to understand written material in the form of words, sentences or paragraphs. The art of speaking must also be well familiar to them as they will be prominently be dealing with a lot of explanations.
  • They must be capable enough to use logic and reasoning to identify the solutions to appropriate problems. They must be able to understand how to imply new information for the present and future-oriented problem-solving strategies and decision-making abilities.
  • They must have an eye for detail along with great observation skills. Active learning skills are also considered crucial as they may encounter much new information on a regular base, they must possess the power to layout instructions and teach others how a task must be done.
  • The process of systematically arranging information is necessary as it helps others understand the communicated information or ideas while oral expression. 


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Museum Conservator?

Many of the people employed in this fieldwork were in the museum's facilities or at various historical sites. Using their teaching and comprehension levels, they play an important role in enlightening the general public about important issues. They help create a novel life for a precious and invaluable collection of art. In their career advancements, they may also be involved roles of management or project heads or they might want to set up a private practice. These professionals work at regional as well as PAN India levels. They also are involved in speciality research topics and publish articles for scholarly journals. A few typical employers for this career outlook are historic houses, universities, galleries and conservation agencies.

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