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Who is Media Planner/Professional?

Advertising has developed into a multibillion-dollar business. Each service and product is promoted through marketing tactics. A media planner aids businesses in this process. Also known as a brand planner or brand strategist, a brand planner or brand strategist assists in the development of an advertising campaign to boost the exposure and sales of a service or product. They help clients in making critical marketing choices for their products/services.

Typically, the media planner is authorised to collaborate with their customers to understand the product and their target audience and to create the campaign across different media channels in order to boost the product's exposure and perceived attractiveness within the target group. The media planner, on the other hand, is distinct from the media buyer. The media buyer is responsible for obtaining advertising space on numerous platforms, working with other media buyers.

Typical day at work

What does Media Planner/Professional do?

Media planners, also known as brand planners or brand strategists, work at advertising agencies and create ad campaigns for various clients. A media planner is responsible for identifying which media platforms are best to advertise a client's brand or product. Additionally, media planners use mathematical formulas to analyze demographic data in order to determine what type of advertising would best suit their goals.

  • To converse with the client and to collect information about the product/service and to understand their target audience
  • To collect information and research on various media channels, both online and offline, such as television, radio, magazine, newspapers, journals, internet, social media platforms, digital billboards, outdoor posters etc.
  • To analyze the popularity and potential visibility promised by each media channel, and to evaluate the channels that could most effectively reach the target audience.
  • To conduct meetings and discussions with the clients to note down their contributions, preferences and ideas as well as to provide suggestions.
  • To develop various strategies based on the client objectives.
  • To coordinate with the creative team, media buyers and other experts involved in the process of strategy development.
  • To communicate the strategies proposed, the budget requirements, etc through presentations to the client for approval
  • To evaluate, implement and maintain the strategy.
  • To work on multiple projects simultaneously for different clients.
  • To network and maintain good relationships with professionals of various media channels including newspapers, magazines, websites etc. and to follow the media trends
  • To establish trust from the client and to provide good customer service.
  • To proofread advertisement content before release.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the strategies and strengthen the weaknesses of each strategy in future.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Media Planner/Professional?

Working in the advertising profession requires strong networking abilities. Socializing and making relationships are critical to your success. Effective networking requires strong interpersonal and communication skills. Media planners should possess strong analytical abilities to ascertain the possible influence of each media channel on the target audience. Each activity must be thoroughly studied for its advantages and disadvantages. Those who are numerate will have no difficulty working with databases and managing information. Enthusiasm will impress your customer, and tenacity is a necessary quality since setbacks are unavoidable; success is found in rising to the occasion and reinforcing the methods. A media planner must be able to function under duress. Additionally, multitasking is a necessary ability for the fast-paced work description. They must also possess strong writing and reading abilities.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Media Planner/Professional?

Job growth is projected to be 23% through 2026. According to this prediction, employment opportunities are much bigger than those in all other professions. The profile, on the other hand, is that of a high-pressure, fast-moving, and diligent professional. The primary recruiters are advertising companies, and the usual work environment is that of an office worker. However, travel to the client's location may be necessary.

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