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Who is Mechatronics Engineer?

Mechatronics or Mechatronics engineering is an engineering speciality that has recently been acknowledged as a separate field. A combination of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, Mechatronics investigates and employs the applications. of engineering concepts such as robotics, electro-mechanical systems, control systems to develop autonomous systems. A Mechatronics engineer is associated with designing and developing smart systems and machines that are aware of their environment, processing information to make decisions.

Applications of Mechatronics can be found in multiple domains such as propulsion systems, robotics, automation, computer simulation, gaming, control systems, engineering design and so on. Essentially, Mechatronics is required for the development of new technologies. For example, the design of car breaks has evolved to be safer, more responsive and efficient due to actuation, computing, control design and modern sensing.

A degree in Mechatronics engineering holds a lot of weightage that when combined with adequate knowledge and skill set, provides a decent mileage in one’s career. Owing to the versatility of this field, aspirants are enabled to find Mechatronics jobs across many industries such as manufacturing, defence, transportation and logistics, renewable energy,  agriculture, food and forestry, mining, tech businesses, and also emerging fields such as bioengineering, robotics and nanotechnology.

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What does Mechatronics Engineer do?

A mechatronics engineer's work is to design, research, develop and automate the system in various devices, systems, and industrial demand control systems. The mechatronics engineer creates mechanics oriented designs and parts that help in the automation and smooth production of the machine, system, or software in a company.

The mechatronics engineer also creates mechanical designs and models, they work on different studies, research, and work of development the newer systems in the process of automation of the systems. They also tend to create and publish detailed reports and analyses based on their innovation, documentation of their tested systems and models, and the new and faster communications technology they have developed.

Mechatronics jobs are associated with multifaceted roles, but typically depend on the area of specialization. Generally, it comprises of the following tasks:

  • Develop new products, technologies and prototypes
  • Test and install new equipment
  • Recommend modifications post evaluation of the tests
  • Conduct analysis and simulation of engineering systems
  • Improve safety, usability, efficiency, and reliability of engineering systems and processes
  • Develop solutions for issues related to mechanical and electronic processes
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Mechatronics Engineer?

Mechatronics engineering jobs require certain skills and inclinations along with a relevant educational background to excel in the field. Mechatronics engineering aspirants should generally have a passion for building, thinking and organizing. They are expected to be excellent problem-solvers, have a keen eye for details and have great communication skills. Aspirants must have an affinity for machines and tools. Mechatronics engineer jobs require a fair contribution of Physics, Mathematics, creativity, innovation and other logical concepts and thus, candidates must exhibit these traits to at least some extent. These are certain attributes that may not be mentioned in the Mechatronics engineering job description, but employers certainly look for them in aspirants.


Which course I can pursue?

Best Colleges

Which are the best colleges to attend to become Mechatronics Engineer?


Which industries are open for Mechatronics Engineer?

Depending on the educational background, area of interest and specialization, and experience, aspirants may apply for the following mechatronics engineering jobs: 

  • Robotics engineer/technician
  • Software engineer
  • Automation engineer
  • Mechanical design engineer
  • Control system design engineer
  • Electronics design engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Data Logging Engineer
  • Service Engineer
  • Instrumentation Engineer
  • Human/Machine Interface (HMI) Programmer
  • Machine Designer
  • Automation Specialist

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Are there internships available for Mechatronics Engineer?

In any given field, along with theoretical knowledge, it is always an added advantage to get an on-ground experience that enhances the aspirant’s understanding of the domain. It is highly encouraged to take up an internship and gain exposure to the latest software and hardware tools, methodologies and technology and become fluent with industrial standards. Aspirants may seek internships while studying and even after graduation. Many education boards have made it mandatory to take up at least one internship during their degree program to better prepare the candidates for competence in the real world.

Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Mechatronics Engineer?

Mechatronics engineering is an emerging branch of engineering for many reasons, one of them being that it allows aspirants the opportunity to work for a variety of industries and projects. With businesses emerging, there is a need to advance technologies and explore sophisticated intelligent systems and robots. Furthermore, taking into account the growing consumption of technology, an escalation in the demand for Mechatronics engineering can be expected. It is a great career option for aspirants who are truly passionate about technology and digitization.

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