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Who is Master of Ceremony?

The term "master of ceremonies" refers to a person who hosts an event, such as an awards ceremony, a wedding, or a business conference. A master of ceremonies addresses an audience with presentations or speeches, introduces artists or speakers, and keeps an eye on the schedule to ensure the event proceeds successfully. A master of ceremonies may work part-time or full-time and may be required to work weekends and nights depending on the nature of the event. This vocation requires somebody with a strong sense of humour and a desire to amuse others.

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What does Master of Ceremony do?

A master of ceremonies (MC or emcee) is the designated host of a staged event, performance, or party. A master of ceremonies often introduces speakers, delivers announcements, and interacts with the audience. A skilled MC, sometimes known as an "emcee," expertly manages the agenda to ensure any event runs well.

The roles and responsibilities involve

  • To conduct and organize meetings with the organizers
  • To prepare speeches and introduction for a particular event.
  • To establish and construct an agenda and planning.
  • To check and make a list of participators.
  • To ensure a proper schedule of events
  • To lead the weekly program with enthusiasm, energy, and care.
  • To Plan the conversations hosts’ weekly schedule and activity
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Master of Ceremony?

To become a master of ceremonies an individual must have an excellent public speaker, must have entertainment quality, adaptability, friendly disposition, quick thinker, must have a good sense of humor, good presentation skills, acceptable MS Office skills, Organization skills, experience in planning and group management, must have high energy, theater, music or other artistic skills.


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The master of ceremonies commonly referred to as an Emcee, is the person who initiates any event. They are often referred to as the hosts of an event, a ceremony, or any other kind of gathering. They are responsible for holding the event or occasion together and ensuring that the audience remains engaged throughout. They appreciate the verbal conversation, wordplays, and are very fast on their feet when it comes to replying to others. It is quite a non-traditional professional path if the person pursues it. Their agenda is entirely dependent on the sort of events or occasions, but they generally strive toward the same aim of captivating the audience and keeping them engaged during the event.

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