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Who is Martial Arts Fighter?

Martial arts reflect part of a country’s heritage, history and culture which forms traced back to hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years. Indian Martial Arts refers to the fighting structures of the Indian subcontinent. Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are one of the best Kung Fu fighters in the world. Martial Arts Fightpartakese in fights that are not normal for boxing or wrestling, which have severe rules of commitment. The bouts are renowned for their brutal hand-to-hand combat, which often takes place within an enclosure rather than a ring. utilise little safety protection, often consisting of open-fingered gloves. Additionally, the conflict is devoid of rules, with adversaries prepared to use any fighting style and methods they see necessary to prevail.

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What does Martial Arts Fighter do?

A martial arts fighter is a professional fighter who earns by fighting in competitions related to martial arts. The martial arts fighter usually uses his or her knowledge and skill to defend himself/herself from probable attacks. Martial arts fighting is a profession that requires the professional to be physically fit, mentally sound and emotionally stable, and regulated.

They work on themselves, in understanding their inhibitions, do shadow work and prepare themselves to be strong individuals mentally, emotionally, and physically. They frequently prepare the national and international competitions in martial arts and aim to win these competitions. The martial arts fighter also works in schools, colleges, and independent institutes to help people from all age groups in learning the skill and art of martial arts.

A martial arts fighter is a professional who fights for professional reasons. He or she is an individual who lives up to fighting for the championship, making their path towards the ultimate fighting-based championship. The martial arts fighter have their fighting schedules and plans as per the competitions and the events. They are quite focused on their career and their ultimate aim is to work toward their competition. Their major responsibility is to keep practising so that they improve upon their strategies and strength, and move towards their ultimate victory.

They also need to stay updated about the various competitions that run around in the state and the nation. It provides them with a chance to showcase their talent, win and earn the cash price or the other benefits that are presented in the game. Their other major responsibility is to work on improving their techniques and become faster and smarter at it. Apart from that, it is very important that they abide by all the rules and do not do something that would disqualify them.

Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Martial Arts Fighter?

The field does get you a lot of fame and wealth, but it isn’t always as dazzling as it sounds. Most trainers/fighters need physical stamina and the willingness to handle difficult outside conditions. Apart from being a great self-defence tool, it has more to it, which includes the addition of certain attributes in one's personality- Dedication, Discipline, and Passion.

Apart from that, further Skills required in this career are-

  • Physical fitness with Good Stamina
  • Team working skills
  • Patience
  • Energetic and Enthusiastic
  • Passionate
  • Perseverance and a sporting spirit


Which course I can pursue?

Best Colleges

Which are the best colleges to attend to become Martial Arts Fighter?


Which industries are open for Martial Arts Fighter?

  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Local Authorities
  • Fitness centres
  •  Sports Clubs
  • Holiday Camps
  • Sport’s National Governing Bodies
  •  Sports Councils
  • Government Organizations
  •  Indian Army/ Defence/CRPF

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Are there internships available for Martial Arts Fighter?

To take up Martial Arts as a career, one can take training and go to various National and International Level competitions.

  • It is always best to learn from instructors/trainers who are familiar with the specific types of Martial Arts that are used in MMA.
  • To Join MMA Training, the best age to start training MMA is around the age of 15-16, when you’re a teenager and your body is fully or almost fully developed.
  • If you’re in your 20s and want to train MMA to become a professional it’s still possible. If you’re someone in your 30s or higher it’s never too late to train MMA for self-defence either. Many professional MMA fighters are constantly developing even while competing on the highest stage (UFC).
Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Martial Arts Fighter?

Martial Arts is an exciting activity for many, but if it is one’s passion, it can be a rewarding career too. One can also open a Learning School or a training academy to impart training to kids and interested people in the martial arts. Martial arts training gives many benefits to trainees' physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. So, becoming a Martial Arts Fighter is not only extremely rewarding for your fitness, but can also help you rediscover and reconnect to India’s unique martial history.

  • Martial Arts Instructor/Trainer
  • Self Defence trainer
  • UAC- Unarmed Combat
  • Indian Military Martial Arts

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