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Who is Marketing Manager?

Marketing managers are in charge of all strategic marketing activities, from ideation to execution stages, aimed at increasing brand visibility, satisfying consumer needs and maximising profits. They are further involved in monitoring, analyzing, and fine-tuning the performance of these activities. Their services are in demand in a variety of industries as they are vital to any company's success, from hospitality and healthcare to retail and finance. A marketing manager's primary goal is to promote the company or its product/service, which they do by studying the target audience, analyzing trends, and developing tailored marketing strategies to meet the marketing goals. They are also responsible for handling business leads as well as managing the marketing staff.

Attracting new customers as well as retaining existing customers of the company or its specific product/service is the responsibility of the marketing manager. They handle the company's identity on the market, that is, how the company communicates with its consumers and the market in general. Combining their creativity and business sense, a marketing manager plays an influential role in the effectiveness of the company.

Typical day at work

What does Marketing Manager do?

The marketing manager is a professional who works in the marketing department of a company. The work of the marketing manager is to formulate, plan, design, and coordinate the marketing plans and policies that will determine the overall growth and development of the company.

The marketing managers work on various projects of the company like working on the marketing strategies of a product launch, working on the marketing plans for the branding campaigns, and also managing the external reputation of the company in the market.

They also tend to evaluate already existing marketing agendas the company is working on and make any amends or changes required to ensure the growth and promotions of the products, services, and reputation of the company.

While the specific duties associated with the position of a marketing manager may differ with regards to the organization and the industry, the typical responsibilities include:

  • Develop and maintain strategic relationships with the suppliers, vendors, major agencies, media outlets
  • Monitor and approve all materials utilized for marketing, including offline and online elements 
  • Plan, design, and organise marketing strategies and ensure successful implementation of the same
  • Continually monitor and evaluate the performance of the marketing strategies being utilized in relation to the goals and assess customer behaviour to guide further actions
  • Analyze the marketability of the product/ service through product research, identify its target audience as well as evaluate what the competitors offer
  • Conduct market research to analyze consumer needs and current trends as well as appropriate approaches and platforms to reach the target audience, increase brand awareness
  • Deploy appropriate marketing strategies to generate business leads and drive traffic
  • Determine product placement as well as manage launch campaigns and channels for the distribution of the same
  • Prepare the marketing budgets and manage the allocation of funds, develop pricing strategies for the product/service, generate reports for the same 
  • Manage the marketing team and PR agencies
  • Coordinate and collaborate with product development, sales, and finance departments 
  • Experiment with new marketing opportunities to promote the brand
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Marketing Manager?

For a marketing manager, impeccable communication and decision-making skills, as well as a flair for creativity and innovation, are at the core of their job. Additionally, they should have sound knowledge of marketing principles and specific industry requirements. A marketing manager shall be required to exhibit effectiveness in communicating with customers, negotiating with vendors, collaborating with professionals from other departments, as well as managing the marketing staff. They must possess the ability to train, supervise, and manage a team to ensure coordinated efforts to move toward the marketing goals.

Digital skills including online advertising and social media marketing strategies have become increasingly crucial skills for marketing managers to excel in their job. Since methods of marketing have been evolving rapidly with the advancement of technology and increased product competition, it is of utmost importance for a marketing manager to stay updated with the current industry standards, emerging trends and continually enhance their skills. Further, time and resource management abilities are essential for these professionals as is their ability to manage and record data.


Which course I can pursue?

Best Colleges

Which are the best colleges to attend to become Marketing Manager?


Which industries are open for Marketing Manager?

  • Manufacturing
  • Scientific
  • Technical
  • Consumer goods company
  • Export firms
  • Government commercial enterprises
  • Market research
  • Whole sale
  • Retailing
  • Advertising
  • Hospitals and health product manufacturers
  • Consultancies
  • IT firms
  • Consumer durables industry
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Education.

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Are there internships available for Marketing Manager?

Cultivating Marketing Manager experience by taking on an internship or shadowing a Marketing Manager is a great way to learn about the field and gain experience while still in school. Take advantage of your marketing internship by getting as much hands-on experience as you can. You may have to make copies and answer phones, but volunteer for other projects and demonstrate your eagerness to learn. An internship can also be an opportunity to network and make important contacts in the industry which will be beneficial in the future when you are hoping to get your foot in the door of a company’s marketing department.

Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Marketing Manager?

Practical experience in the field is an invaluable part of this job as it takes years for entry-level professionals to secure the position of a marketing manager. Most marketing managers shall enter the field as marketing coordinators or specialists before they secure this managerial role. Typically, it is the experience that may sway the hiring decision favourably, in comparison to educational qualifications. It is primarily a full-time office job, although one may be required to travel to meet with clients, collaborate with teams, deal with media outlets etc. They are also expected to work weekends or overtime depending on the deadlines and events.

In addition to an attractive salary, a marketing manager also enjoys the creative freedom to spearhead the company's marketing activities. With experience, they can eventually specialise in specific channels such as social media or terms of specific products/services. Since they are sought after by a variety of companies, marketing managers can find employment opportunities in a wide range

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