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Who is Marketing Communications Specialist?

A marketing communications expert is responsible for promoting brand recognition among a company's existing and prospective customers by acting as the organization's "voice/image" to the outside world, furthering the business's interests and presenting it in the best light possible. Candidates that are innovative and adept at capturing an audience's attention are ideal candidates for this position. Marketing communications experts normally work conventional office hours but may be required to work extra if deadlines are approaching. They report directly to the manager of the marketing team or the marketing director.

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What does Marketing Communications Specialist do?

A marketing communications specialist is a person who works in the marketing department of a business. This expert is responsible for promoting the company's already-launched goods and associated services. The marketing communications manager strategizes the promotion and marketing of the company's goods by using different tactics, logos, designs and graphics, and other promotional props. Additionally, they build and maintain ties with other departments, external linkages and organisations, members of the media, and the general public. The marketing communications expert is responsible for the company's marketing, branding, and promotional efforts, as well as maintaining and strengthening communications with its customers to sustain the company's goodwill, reputation, and overall growth and development.

  • Assist in plan preparation, including budget, short and long-term strategy for marketing
  • Build and maintain consistent corporate brand image/voice across product lines, events, and promotional materials
  • Daily administer operations of company’s email program and website to perform analytics reviews
  • Plug new marketing opportunities and carry out marketing initiatives
  • Plan promotional and advertising communications projects for a company through electronic, print, and special events to initiate the marketing plan
  • Collaborate with relevant workforces on events/programs
  • Create and analyze marketing programs reports, post-event reports, regular status reports
  • Oversee the design, production, and distribution of collateral and promotional materials to aid company’s sales and marketing programs
  • Monitor and maintain company’s marketing budget
  • Assist in hiring contractors, copywriters, advertising and marketing agencies, and external consultant
  • Plan and supervise training programs for both customers and for in-house use
  • Responsible for all company interactions on the social media, including responding to messages, creating messages, and uploading photos
  • Use different social media tactics to create brand awareness and generate incoming traffic that strengthens company’s presence in social media
  • Apply various digital analytics and media tracking tools to generate reports on progress of work on the social media
  • Coordinate company’s involvement in the activities of community organizations
  • Create original, error free, clear, and concise copy for website content, promotional materials, blog entry, and newsletter that ensures compelling and effective communication
  • Record success in marketing and communication efforts; collect result data, and create reports for the management team
  • Plan interviews and press conferences, along with preparation of speech
  • Collect customer feedback to inform sales and product team
  • Network with professionals in the industry and potential clients to run brand awareness
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Marketing Communications Specialist?

  • Successful marketing communications professionals are knowledgeable about and adept at implementing marketing trends and techniques.
  • Marketing communications professionals are competent communicators who are innovative. They like identifying the most effective and straightforward method of communicating with customers. They understand how to transform boring topics into campaigns that increase client engagement.
  • They interact with the public and the media daily; as a result, they must be approachable and pleasant to maintain a positive image for their company
  • Marketing communications professionals are competent writers and speakers, able to communicate marketing concepts to customers and superiors in an understandable way.
  • They are often tasked with coordinating many events concurrently, necessitating great organising abilities. As a result, they also demand team, time, and project management abilities.


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Marketing communications professionals collaborate with a range of internal departments to develop complete marketing plans and campaigns, as well as often engage with customers. They are overburdened by the coordination of marketing communications, branding, strategic marketing, marketing management, and media/public relations teams. They often perform full-time occupations that include field labour. However, some people choose to work as independent contractors.

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