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Who is Licensed conveyancer?

A licensed Conveyancer means someone who is an expert in legal aspects relating to the purchase and sale of the property. Licensed Conveyancers, also called property lawyers, are also Oath Commissars, meaning they possess legal power to oversee and observe official documents such as affidavits to swear a statement is true. Conveyancers make sure clients know about the fees they must pay. This includes things such as stamp duty on certain properties

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What does Licensed conveyancer do?

Licensed conveyancers undertake a wide range of legal work relating to property and business. They may act as legal advisors in the sale, purchase, mortgage, or lease of residential and commercial property and small businesses. The role involves processing mortgage and lease contracts, arranging transfers, and handling other documents that sellers must sign when purchasing a property. They will also advise clients on the technical content of the documents and their financial implications.

Job description, Profiles, Roles and Duties:

  • Counselling clients on the procurement and sale process
  • Investigate who is the legal owner of the land being bought
  • Carrying out title searches to verify if there is any amount outstanding relating to the property and to confirm that the property belongs to the seller
  • Carrying out 'searches' – inquiring local authorities for anything that could impact the property
  • Preparation of contracts for the sale of real estate, advice on documentation of mortgages and preparation of lease documents
  • Be present for settlement on behalf of customers
  • Make sure that all documents, contracts and financial arrangements relating to the purchase or sale of a residential or commercial area or a piece of land are arranged
  • Contract drafting with sale details
  • Speak to mortgage givers, solicitors, and estate agents
  • Reimbursing taxes such as customs and stamp duties
  • Preparation of leases and documents for transfer
  • Maintaining the payment records
  • Checking to ensure sign and exchange of contracts
  • Address all legal issues, finance, administration and property transaction queries
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Licensed conveyancer?

  • A thorough understanding of property law
  • A thorough, methodical and patient approach for property searches and preparation for legal disputes
  • To pay attention to detail as, for example, precise information about rights of way and property boundaries could help to avoid disputes between neighbours
  • Strong communication skills, especially when explaining complex legal documents to your clients


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What does the future look like for Licensed conveyancer?

Licensed conveyancer jobs are available in a legal division headed by a competent person dealing in the relocation of a title to property or land. Employment possibility is not narrow and restricted to a law firm; it varies from local authorities and housing relations, through building societies and banks to property development firms and even airport and rail companies. Conveyancers may be working in an office set up at a business establishment of a client. You could manage a conveyance department in a large company with practice, or start your conveyance firm. You might also choose to take higher training and become a solicitor.

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