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Who is Legal Advisor?

Legal advisors are professionals who provide legal support to their clients who are companies or organizations. They are typically specialized in a particular area of law and are in charge of the company’s legal responsibilities. They use their expertise to provide general legal advice to the companies regarding their business decisions as well. They assist their corporate employers with a wide range of legal matters such as compensation issues, harassment lawsuits, contract disputes, risk management, liability and insurance issues, regulatory compliance issues.

These professionals also provide advice regarding the legal implications of business decisions and the potential legal risks involved in the same such as mergers, acquisitions, and general operations. As in-house lawyers, they are expected to maintain current knowledge of the applicable laws at all times as well as an effective research and evaluate the legal issues and relay this information to the upper management.

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What does Legal Advisor do?

Legal Advisor is responsible for providing advice and assistance to the firm's clients by the plans and targets of the Company. The advisor specializes in a specific area of law such as contract disputes, harassment suits, compensation issues, or other conflicts. They can also offer advice regarding corporate decisions on mergers, contract signing, growth, etc.

  • Research legal analysis matters and conveys the information to the stakeholders
  • Provide advice on legal matters such as legal risks of business or policy decisions, corporate governance, compliance to legal regulations, and financial planning
  • Prepare legal documents such as memorandums, legal opinions and various types of contracts
  • Explaining the relevant laws to their corporate employers
  • Ensure the organization’s compliance with all legal regulations about its business
  • Review matters of employee or management conflicts and provide legal solutions to the same
  • Review, interpret and negotiate contracts and other legal documents
  • Ensure that the company’s corporate policies and practices comply with the applicable legal regulations
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Legal Advisor?

Legal advisors should have extensive knowledge about the law and continually keep themselves updated with the new developments in their field. They should be highly analytical, methodical and display excellent critical thinking skills to process and utilize vast amounts of legal information. They should be skilled at creative problem-solving to efficiently resolve the company’s legal issues. They should possess the business acumen to ensure that the legal advice that they offer is commercially viable and as profitable as it can be.

Negotiation and communication skills are vital for a legal advisor to liaise with the company’s decision-makers and their clients, settle legal disputes, and handle counter-proposals to contracts favourably. They should be able to describe the legal implications of all corporate matters in a clear manner to the stakeholders. Their time management and organization skills are of immense importance to provide effective legal solutions promptly.

As legal advisors, they should be self-motivated and have good leadership skills as well as be strong team players. The decision-making and research skills of these professionals are paramount to ensure the company’s compliance with legal regulations in all matters. They should have exemplary writing skills to draft various legal documents for the company accurately and responsibly.


Which course I can pursue?

Best Colleges

Which are the best colleges to attend to become Legal Advisor?


Which industries are open for Legal Advisor?

Jobs for Legal Advisor are found in sectors like -

  • Law firms, Consultancies
  • Finance
  • Corporate
  • Media and publishing houses.
  • Courthouses
  • International organization such as UNO or UNICEF
  • NGO
  • FMCG
  • Real Estate

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Are there internships available for Legal Advisor?

The internship allows students to gain experience working in organizations while studying at University. The importance of a law firm internship is to provide direction, professionalism, better understanding, and substantive work. The law Internship provides first-hand experience in the legal profession and day-to-day responsibilities coming from attorneys, they speak with Legal advisors and develop their skills and knowledge.

Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Legal Advisor?

The job outlook for legal advisors is positive as their services are required increasingly by more organizations across industries. A Legal Advisor can be employed in the public as well as the private sectors. They typically work as in-house lawyers in the legal departments of corporate entities. This includes a range of large corporations, government agencies, legal aid societies, law firms as well as start-ups, insurance companies, and the banking sector.

Most of these professionals are advocates and attorneys who divert their career focus to the corporate environment. They typically work in a full-time capacity in office settings. They can progress in their careers to become legal managers of the company. They often have to extend their work hours due to their workload and perform under immense time pressure. They can also work on a contractual basis, generally, it is with smaller companies and start-ups.

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