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Who is Lecturer?

A lecturer is a title or post assigned to an educator who teaches students in senior secondary and higher education institutions such as universities and colleges. A lecturer is a post-secondary educator who has passed the UGC's National Eligibility Test and teaches both undergraduate and graduate students. Lecturers work part-time, which means they have a regular job and plan lessons around it. They may teach at night or on weekends if they have a normal nine-to-five employment. Lecturers, on the other hand, have a more amorphous educational need. They have professions outside of the college curriculum and are able to share their experiences with their pupils. Thus, their courses are more application-oriented than theoretical.

Colleges engage well-known guest speakers, which provides students with an excellent chance for networking. At a college, guest speakers are often rising stars, specialists, or well-known figures in their fields who are invited to campus by a professor or a specific department. Lecturers are in charge of classroom instruction and associated activities. The post is dependent on teaching credentials. Lecturers are required to teach in the classroom or laboratory, to meet with students during regular office hours, to grade assignments and exams, and to contribute to the creation and development of the course curriculum.

Lecturers with many years of experience may be invited to take on administrative responsibility for the department's course offerings or to educate and oversee less experienced colleagues. Although academics may work on part-time contracts, they must maintain an active research profile. Certain professors take a sabbatical (often up to one academic year) to focus more intently on their research efforts. A lecturer may advance to the level of associate professor with further credentials.

Typical day at work

What does Lecturer do?

The lecturer is an academic rank found at a number of institutions, albeit the word has a slightly different meaning in different countries. It is a term that refers to an academic specialist who is recruited on a full- or part-time basis to educate.

Lesson planning, preparation, and research are all common obligations of this employment. They are accountable for child contact/teaching time and for checking and assessing students' work.

Typical responsibilities of a lecturer are-

  1. Making lesson plans.
  2. Preparing and doing research on topics.
  3. Contacting Students, Organising classes and Checking Student work.
  4. Encouraging personal development through experiential learning and coaching.
  5. To be able to invigilate examinations.
  6. To be able to arrange work experience placements in the college.
  7. To attend staff meetings and be updated with the latest advancements in teaching.
  8. Also, liaising with other professionals/employers.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Lecturer?

  • A lecturer must be an accomplished public speaker with strong communication abilities.
  • A lecturer must be adept in organising, planning, and preparing courses or seminars, as well as establishing and marking assignments, tests, and exams, as well as monitoring and evaluating students' progress.
  • A lecturer must be inventive and creative in order to design courses and instructional materials, as well as maintain records and do other administrative duties.
  • A lecturer must be responsible and prompt in order to attend meetings, professional development courses, and workshops, as well as interview potential students.
  • A lecturer must also serve as a guide or mentor to students, supporting and assisting them with challenges, as well as overseeing their practical work, work placements, or field excursions.


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What does the future look like for Lecturer?

Without a doubt, a country's kids ultimately form its future. If the kids are on the right track, the nation will follow suit. And it is the Lecturer who serves as the genuine guiding light for children. The professor is one of these individuals, since he or she is often in close touch with the kids. He is one who understands how to direct the youthful energy in the most beneficial manner. As a result, the instructor is in command of a country's progress.

As a professor, we might claim that he or she is the saviour of society, helpful in the development of a good human being from aimless youth. Being a professor is a serious profession that should not be taken lightly. As the number of senior secondary schools and colleges has increased, so has the need for Lecturers. As a result, there is great opportunity in the sphere of education for those who pursue this noble profession.

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