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Who is Insurance Sales Agent?

To become an insurance  sales agent, one should have a brilliant knowledge of Insurance and the Indian market. An Insurance Agent is the meeting point for all entities with an insurance policy. They help individuals get fully-fit insurance policies and compile all the necessary paperwork and support policyholders during the policy term. Insurance is a way to secure and protect against financial loss.

This is a kind of risk management that was initially utilized to hedge a contingent or unpredictable loss risk. An insuring company or entity is known as an insurer. An applicant has to pass IRDAI IC 38 pre-recruitment qualification examination to become an insurance agent in India. You have to enroll with the insurance provider which you wish to be affiliated with. You'll only be able to appear for the examination via the insurer.

Typical day at work

What does Insurance Sales Agent do?

The insurance Sales Agent's job involves helping insurance companies generate new business by contacting potential customers and selling one or more types of insurance.

It generally includes explaining various insurance policies and help clients choose plans that suit them. It also involves analyzing clients’ current insurance policies and suggest additions or changes.

  • Adapt insurance program to match individual clients and often cover a range of risks 
  • Sell to individuals and businesses different forms of insurance policies on behalf of insurance providers, comprising dental insurance, car, land, fire, life and medical or specialized policies like farm/crop, marine and medical malpractice 
  • Explain the attributes, benefits and drawbacks of the specific policies to facilitate the selling of insurance plans 
  • Carry out administrative duties, like record keeping and managing policy updates
  • Look for potential customers and build clientele through networking to look for potential customers and create lists of prospective customers 
  • Call on policyholders to offer and clarify policy, analyze insurance schemes and recommend additions or improvements or modify beneficiaries 
  • Conferring with customers to gain and provide facts when claims regarding a policy are made 
  • Meet potential customers to collect details about their financial resources and requirements, the physical state of the insured individual or property and to address any current coverage 
  • Connect with the underwriter and submit binder coverage forms 
  • Choose insurer that provides customer-requested form of coverage to underwrite policy
  • Make sure that policy needs are met, including any medical tests required and the completion of appropriate forms 
  • Create marketing strategy, to compete with other insurance retailers or companies 
  • Compute premiums and define the method of payment 
  • Go to workshops, conferences and program to learn about novel goods and services, build new abilities and obtain technical support in the production of new accounts 
  • Track insurance claims to make sure that they are handled equally with both the consumer and the insurer 
  • Plan and supervise the integration of the insurance policy into the company's accounting system 
  • Deploy bookkeeping systems and resolve system issues
  • Review property to assess whether it is a good insurance risk, by analyzing it’s kind of construction, general state, age and other characteristics 
  • Describe the required bookkeeping criteria to incorporate and provide group insurance programme for clients
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Insurance Sales Agent?

  • While insurance sales agents provide clients and consumers with a service, they are by nature salespeople. Being agents requires development of good sales abilities and learn strategies to obtain, train and retain quality clients. This could demand a seminar visit or experiencing some qualified sales training programme. 
  • The insurance industry is competitive and for a significant portion of the day, one will run independently. You have to learn a strong work ethic to be successful in seeking out new clients as well as closing sales and increasing consumer and company experts relationships. Prioritizing one 's time and cultivating a positive work ethic will take you a long way in this career. 
  • You require a strategy to recruit the best candidates in the top markets and seek out new customers. Take your time to evaluate the demand and develop a plan to get the best out of your time, regardless of whether you are out on a sales call or delivering a presentation to prospective clients. You also need to possess a broad understanding of the requirements of your customers.
  • College graduates with sales experience, outstanding customer service abilities and knowledge in a variety of financial and insurance service products will have the best prospects. Multilingual agents can have a benefit, because they may represent a broader range of clients. Furthermore, insurance jargon is often complex, and insurers who have a clear grasp of the applicable technical and legal terms would therefore be most suitable for employers.


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What does the future look like for Insurance Sales Agent?

You may be employed as an insurance sales agent in one of the businesses i.e. for a life insurance company or a general insurance company or be employed as a composite agent. Sales staff or employees of any insurance firm or insurance carrier can be paid in any of the three ways: salaries, salaries plus bonuses or salaries plus commissions.  The commission is usually the simplest sort of reward for experienced agents. That amount is contingent on the form of insurance and liability covered by the policy and whether the transaction being made is new or for the policy renewal.  By comparison, the bonus is usually awarded either when an agency achieves its targeted profit or when, a specific agent achieves targeted sales.

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