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Who is Indian Statistical Services Officer?

ISS Officers are responsible for data management and administration of statistical reports in a multi-disciplinary domain. There are vacancies for ISS officers under various ministries and organisations in different parts of the country. The placements are directly under the central government and is a 'Group A' Central Civil Service post. The candidate requires high efficiency in statistical methods and applications to meet the job profile requirements. The posts are recruited through UPSC examinations. The minimum eligibility criteria is a bachelor's degree in statistics or having done mathematical statistics or applied statistics as one of the subjects. They are involved in the formulation, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of various schemes.

Typical day at work

What does Indian Statistical Services Officer do?

Indian Statistical Service Officers are accountable for the efficient management and administration of the government's statistical administration. They are accountable for data management and administration, which includes collecting, compiling, analysing, and disseminating statistical reports across multiple disciplines. They work in various ministries' statistical units and divisions such as Agriculture, Water Resources, Health, Commerce, and Labor.

  • Indian statistical service officers are responsible for the statistical administration of the national and international organisations under the government of India. It involves formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of various policies and programmes.
  • To compile various statistical data and maintain records of the organisation they are in charge of.
  • To produce data outputs using statistical tools and softwares and keep records within various intervals of time.
  • To assist the organisation in designing strategies to conduct surveys, administration, quality assurance, and data cleaning.
  • To draw meaningful inferences by monitoring and evaluating the national data regarding policy developments and providing scientific backup for the forecasting.
  • To develop new strategies and tools for data evaluation
  • To be involved with the compilations and finding indicators of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), National Income, Inflation based on Consumer Price Index (CPIs), Annual Survey of Industry (ASI), Economic, Agricultural and Livestock Census, NSS Reports, Policy formulation for Members of Parliament etc.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Indian Statistical Services Officer?

The Indian statistical officers, as stated before, are responsible for the administration of the statistical part of an organisation. They are entitled to lead a group. Thus, ISS officers must have the personality traits and ability to influence and lead a group with authority. They should also have decision-making skills to identify the issues and provide creative and scientific solutions. They must have good management skills and knowledge about strategy formulation, implementation etc. The ability to work under pressure, emotional quotient, high interpersonal skills, and time management are desirable.


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What does the future look like for Indian Statistical Services Officer?

The ISS officers are posted in various ministries and departments such as the planning commission, planning board, national sample survey etc., under the Government of India. The selection is through the UPSC examinations. It is conducted once a year and consists of a pen and paper test and an interview. The age limit for application is 30 years with relaxation for SC/ST, OBC and other reserved classes. Depending on the grade and experience, the salary could range from 16,000 to 80,000.

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