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Who is Indian Railway Services Officer?

The Indian Railway Service Officer is a central government of India administrative officer. The Indian Railway Service Officer is chosen through a rigorous process involving the prestigious PUSC exams. The Indian Railway Personnel Service, abbreviated as IRPS, is a Group 'A' Central Service under the Indian Government. All officers appointed to this service are responsible for a wide range of administrative tasks, including creating and managing Indian Railways accounts. In addition, they also tend to work in railway-based personnel services, such as working for the welfare of railway employees and their families and managing human resources proactively.

Typical day at work

What does Indian Railway Services Officer do?

An Indian Railway Services Officer works in the Indian Railway Personnel Services department (IRPS). It falls under the category of "Group A" services under central government employment. An Indian Railway Services Officer is responsible for all aspects of Indian railways. They keep records and keep an eye on the maintenance of trains and railroad track paths, and they are constantly working to improve the railway systems. The job of an Indian Railway Services Officer is administrative, as they must keep official records on the entire railway system of their area or region. They also ensure that their officials and their families have a comfortable commute.

  • Organizing the production and arranging the sales order of transportation output. 
  • Synchronizing the customer interface of Indian railways. 
  • In the operations department, ensuring smooth and fast transportation flow of freights & passengers. 
  • In the commercial wing/department, an officer has to manage the sales, pricing, service, and marketing aspects of the passenger and freight business. 
  • An Indian Railway Service (IRS) officer can also be sent on deputation to other ministries and departments under the Central Staffing Scheme. 
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Indian Railway Services Officer?

  •  Excellent organization and negotiating skills
  •  Creativity and flexible thinking
  •  Leadership
  •  Decision-making ability
  •  Teamworking skills
  •  Good communication skills, written and oral
  •  Enthusiasm and commitment for politics, policy issues, and current affairs


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What does the future look like for Indian Railway Services Officer?

Railway service is the railways' earning department. Working in train operations can be a very stressful and 24x7 job, whereas an officer in a commercial should have a thorough knowledge of rules and regulations. Working as an IRS officer can be both challenging and stressful, but it also offers the possibility of excellent job satisfaction.

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