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Who is Indian Navy Officer?

As a Navy officer, an individual is expected to both works on as well as fight the ship. this means that they play a vital part in a complicated system that operates the ship along with using it as a means of tactical combat.  The Indian Navy represents the nation's technological aspects to a great level.  The countries best officers are given the responsibility to operate the most advanced ships, submarines and planes that represent the pride of the nation.

There are separate officers who deal in policing, supervisory and security and vigilance requirements of the Navy. Separate piolets, submarine officers, armaments officers, diving officers etc are required to manage a single Naval ship. Officers are qualified in specialisations like navigation, communications, logistics, diving, etc to help them gain their strengths while onboard during missions. The job role as a Naval officer lets an individual explore the world and present different possibilities to develop leadership skills. This career choice is a very prestigious one with many perks and benefits involved. 

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What does Indian Navy Officer do?

An Indian Navy Officer is the position of executive officer who works in the Armed Forces. Their work is surrounded by the water and the ships. An Indian Navy officer saves and secures the country through the water, and also defends the nation whenever the attackers try to confront us for the attacks through the water area. The job of an Indian Navy officer is a highly reputed one.

They are the educated and highly qualified individuals who are trained by the defense forces to protect our nation. The Indian Navy officers handle and manage various weapons, ships, deal with the transportation of the aircraft parts and other equipment, and deal with other systems and weapons. They also have to create and maintain the documented records of all the transport of the equipment happened and the other things done by the ships.

The core responsibilities of a Navel officer are stated below:

  1. Expected to be in charge of the commanding men on a vessel as well as efficiently manage work on and underneath the surface, to safeguard the nation. 
  2. Possess thorough knowledge of the usage of the most recent equipment and vessels like ships, submarine or aircraft. 
  3. Must play a significant part in educating the new naval officer recruits as well as exercise control over the ship, submarine, and aircraft. 
  4. Must establish a strong Naval Networking and software systems. 
  5. Possess the authority to promote civil security and safety.
  6. Responsible for managing and updating all the hi-tech devices on a regular basis
  7. Involved in securing territory of the country, its citizens and offshore assets from threats anticipated through the sea.
  8. Interpreting data found along with its outcomes to choose the right solution to help solve unique problems.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Indian Navy Officer?

The abilities and skills apt for the post of a Naval Officer are enduring physical and mental pressure, leadership qualities, fortitude, fighting power, thought clarity, expression, resolve, and overall suitability. Apart from these crucial requirements, the individual must also have good vision without any obvious squint or abnormality. The candidate must in no way be of a weak constitution, bodily defects or, underweight or overweight. As an officer in the Indian navy, the individual spend days and months away from their family hence they are expected to be emotionally strong as well as they spend most of their time in the open seas, so they must not have seasickness in any way.

They are expected not to have any speech difficulty, hearing problem or throat diseases. They must not possess any sort of congenital malformation or defects. The basic hight requirement for a person is 157 cm, with a balanced bodyweight based on the candidate's age and height. This career choice teaches an individual a sense of duty and commitment towards the country and the teammates.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Indian Navy Officer?

The job prospect of the Indian Navy Officer gives a great sense of patriotism while working on the field. this career path teaches an individual a sense of duty and commitment. There are many sub-fields that can be opted for when getting into this marine sector, these careers are Executive, Engineering, Electrical, Education, and Medical.  The salary of a navy officer depends upon the officer’s grade or rank, for higher positions, the salary can range from about 1-2 lakhs to well over a few lakhs.  

Even the trainees are provided with a decent stipend apart from all the facilities that they are eligible for according to their post. On completing a term of a minimum of 20 years, the individuals on the officer rank are entitled to a handsome pension amount for the rest of their lives. There are also a few additional benefits of the naval skills acquired over the years if they apply for a civilian job post naval retirement.

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