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Who is Indian Army Officer?

A soldier's role is one of the most traditional ones in the professional world, and the demand for it is only growing. Indian Army is the world's second-largest Army, and still, a shortage of manpower persists in today's time. Women are also given particular positions in the sector but are diverted from the job role of combat arms. The primary duty of the armed forces is to train an individual to maintain national law and peace along with combating on land and protecting the country against all external and internal threats and attacks. Their training also comprises both defensives as well as offensive training.

In the entire field of the Indian Armed Forces, the largest and the most traditional branch is the Indian Army. Army also comes to rescue civilians in any natural disaster or national emergency. India has seven different commands for the Indian Army depending upon their region and two divisions, namely, service base commissions and permanent commission. The two significant divisions are the Combat group, which includes warfare, supervising soldiers, defending borders, etc., and Non-Combat groups, including doctors and other specialists.

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What does Indian Army Officer do?

An army officer is a leader who plans the organisation's work, assigns tasks to subordinates, and sees that the work is accomplished to the highest standard. These officers are also responsible for managing rations, arms and ammunition, clothing, and special equipment. From military operations to counselling soldiers, they have various duties.

The core responsibilities of an Indian Army Officer are as follows:

  • They must contribute and support all military actions such as warfare, training or emergency relief services.
  • In addition, they are expected to strategies, organise and supervise other cadets in their team, and different procedures in the military.
  • They are required to assist in maintaining the internal security of the country.
  • They are expected to fulfil the orders to secure the national border, conduct exercises, allocate tasks, etc.
  • They are required to head, train, command, and supervise the junior ranked officials and maintain the recruits' well-being and progress.
  • They must plan and maintain warfare practices, armours, weapons, and vehicle machinery for immediate future use.
  • They need to designate equipment, resources and armed men to specific locations as instructed or commanded by the superiors.
  • They are also allocated tasks such as drafting reports, updates, making presentations, and changing plans and tactics to something better.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Indian Army Officer?

The skills and abilities required to be an Indian Army officer are efficient reasoning abilities to explain the ideas and strategies more efficiently. Extraordinary organising abilities to help them work out plans and war strategies. They must also have a great sense of expression to help them put their thoughts into words. They also need to be socially adaptable as their work requires them to travel to distinct places in harsh climates. They must have a sense of cooperation as it is mandatory when working as a team. A sense of responsibility is a must for them as each individual represents their troops and their country. They need a great sense of quick decision making; this is required in combat situations for the time of crisis. They are expected to be strongly disciplined, punctual, determined, dedicated, and patriotic. Another set of core responsibilities they must hold while on fieldwork is to be an alert, courageous, reliable team player and possess leadership skills.


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What does the future look like for Indian Army Officer?

The job opportunities in military services require qualified individuals in different branches of the armed forces. Many officers retire with pension schemes merely after working for 20 years, while they are still young enough to start with new careers. Therefore, many candidates are recruited and replace the officers who have completed their commitment or have retired. When civilian employment opportunities are more favourable, it is difficult for the Indian Army to meet its required recruiting goals. Also, during the time of war, it isn't easy to hire individuals and fulfil recruitment goals. The career growth in the field of the Indian  Army moves up in levels; as the levels change, the level of work changes too. A few prominently glorious positions in the Indian Army are Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier, Major General, etc. However, working hours fluctuate from occupational speciality, rank, service branch and military needs.

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