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Who is Indian Air Force Officer?

Indian Air Force guards the country against violence outbursts from external countries in the air. They are one of the major air armed forces in the world that train the best men in the country to engage in air defence services. Fighter planes and aircraft are their major means of defence as well as weapons during crucial times. Besides operating them, an air force officer also has the responsibility to handle his/her personals on the campsite, form high-level strategies and tactics for future needs. They are also responsible for stepping up for the citizens in the crucial hour of need and carry the necessary supplies to them.

Working in this field mainly involves being in the middle of supersonic jets, the latest technological supports and the best people in action. The training of the candidates takes place in very different phases of their educational status, this means that there are several entry points to this noble field. The three broad branch categories of the Indian Air Force that help define the work area are the flying branch, technical branch and ground duty branch.

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What does Indian Air Force Officer do?

An Indian Air Force officer's career is a very important position that works in the domain of the Indian defense. The officer's work is to protect the nation against any air attack from the other nation. The Indian air force officer ensures that the border security of the nation stays intact and in case of any discrepancy or breach from the other nation they stay strong to defend or nation's boundaries.

Their main work is to fly aircraft and helicopters. They tend to fly the fighter planes and also provide food supplies to the soldiers on the ground in the distant borders. They at times are also used to detect the unwanted activities happening in the land or water from the opposing countries. It is a highly reputed job that works for saving and securing our nation.

The essential responsibilities of an Indian Air Force Officer in all the three branches are:

Flying Branch:
The responsibilities of an Air Force Pilot would be to engage the enemy, fly in support of Army and Navy operations, deliver supplies to the troops in forwarding posts, carry out rescue missions during crises, and deliver relief supplies to civilians. The entry post would be that of a Squadron Pilot. Experience and superiority would lead to positions such as Flying Instructor, Flight Commander, Squadron Commander and later on, a Station Commander. Promotions would lead to Air Marshal and Air Chief-Marshal

Technical Branch:
The technical officer should also be able to maintain and muster the resources with regard to the entire technical facilities from the ground to the air. The services revolve around engineering. The jet's weapons and all other equipment are engineered by them. The electronic and communication systems are handled by aeronautical and electronic engineers. The technical branch officers join the Air Force as Flying Officer and are directly assigned for engineering activities. With experience and developing skills, the responsibility to supervise the juniors is handed over. There are several opportunities to build their careers through higher technical courses and training.

Ground Duty Branch:
The ground duty branch is an umbrella term for various job positions such as administration, logistics, meteorological and educational sectors. The administration takes care of air traffic control, fighter control etc and ensures smooth flight schedules. The accounts branch manages the funds and their transparency whereas the logistics are involved with materials and equipment. The Meteorological department takes the right data from the satellite and concerning imagery and guides the aircraft accordingly. The educational branch is involved with the training and all other educational tasks.

Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Indian Air Force Officer?

Most of the technical skills required for this career is obtained by the training received from the Indian Air Force Academy, but there are certain skills that should be present before-hand, such as the ability to adjust and adapt to every situation in life. They are required to have some important prerequisites like a medically and physically well built body, must be courageous and posess the ability to sacrifice. Team efforts are usually required in air force operations. The officers must possess the ability to work along well with their team as well as display leadership qualities whenever demanded by the situation.

Although the job profile promises a challenging, adventurous and rewarding atmosphere, it is as courageous, spontaneous and daring. Good communication skills as well as people management skills are a must in this sector. They are inclined to have a well disciplined and punctual lifestyle. Mental strength and presence of mind must come handy to take quick firm decisions. They must be fully aware of their surroundings as well as the ongoing issues running in the country. 


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Indian Air Force Officer?

This career offers continuous growth through opportunities like training and educational courses along with working within the country as well as abroad. The average income of an Air Force Officer depends on the branch they are posted in. The job prepares its officers to be disciplined and promotes the mental strength and confidence to face any difficult situation in life. To join Indian Air Force as an officer there is a choice of departments such as flying, technical and ground duty branches keeping in mind the level of educational qualifications. Their lives are very difficult as it is mandatory for them to follow strict schedules. The work sector involves a lot of risks and threats in an individual life as they are committed towards guarding the country. There are different career paths that help candidates get into this career.

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