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Who is Image Consultant?

An Image Consultant (also known as Image Management Professionals or wardrobes or Makeover Consultants) are career consultants and soft skills trainer who help people create an impressive persona to express themselves in a distinguished way. The coaches, guides and train on the complete framework of Image Management- Appearance, Behavior and Communication. Every Image Consultant has a different specialization: appearance consultant, stylist, grooming professional, etiquette coach, corporate trainer, and institutional trainer.

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What does Image Consultant do?

An image consultant alters and improves a person's appearance. He advises on the wardrobe, communication skills, body language and attitude of a person and makes him more presentable. Training a person in excellent behaviour patterns is a significant portion of an image consultant's job.

An image consultant is a coach who brings a significant, long-lasting, and genuine change to a client's life. Image consultants understand the job roles, career goals, and the problematic points of the individuals through one-on-one interactions and sometimes a few assessment tests. Based on the test results, image consultants create a roadmap and work with them to transform the area of work. An image consultant strategically assesses some or all of the ABCD's of clients' image- appearance, behaviour, communication and digital footprint.

  • Provides individual consultation and group training services based on the needs of the client or organization.
  •  Helps clients improve their appearance for personal and professional purposes based on their body shape, style, etc.
  • Assists, trains, and mentors individuals and groups to improve grooming, body language, etiquette, and soft skills.
  • Provides personal shopping and styling services for clients to look their best while communicating the right messages via their clothing and attire.
  • Plan meetings with clients to establish their personal and professional goals.
  • Measure, develop, and alter the client's image, behaviour, and communication skills that will set them apart from the crowd.
  • Involve with corporate clients for professional brand training projects.
  •  Initiate and facilitate corporate seminars and workshops based on the organization's professional goals.
  • Endorse clients through articles and write-ups in newspapers, magazines, social media, etc.
  • Participate in active networking to build a strong clientele.
  • Counsel and coach clients with concrete suggestions that contribute to a constructive personal or professional image transformation.
  • Desire to create authentic, suitable, appealing, and sustainable images.
  • Work with clients on a one-to-one basis to provide them solutions on Color analysis, Body shape evaluation, etc., to name a few
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Image Consultant?

You are your visual resume. Thus, you must have a strong sense of style, understand clothes, possess a strong body image and language, and is confident. In addition, image Consultants are expected to be friendly, boosting, and diplomatic with a knack for fashion and current trends. Someone with lots of creativity, who loves interacting with people, is interested in human behaviour, is warm and empathetic is perfectly suitable for this job. A person having passion, intense desire and natural talent to help people change their lives by guiding and training them can become an Image Consultant.

One must also possess knowledge of current trends in fashion, makeup, and hair. They must also possess good teaching and presentation skills. In addition, they should be interested in networking, marketing and have a good understanding of different cultures. Finally, one must possess self-promotion skills and a strong desire to be an entrepreneur. There is a need for good communication skills and the ability to quickly understand clients' needs and construct action plans to fulfil those needs. They must also possess leadership skills and public-speaking skills to guarantee success, image consultants should be commercially mindful, flexible, and show vibrant imagination, with an eye for detail.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Image Consultant?

Soon-to-be image consultants may first gain working experience in a public relations or fashion marketing firm to understand image effects on a client's branding. These changes may also assist consultants to get a better understanding of target audiences and how businesses and individuals present a specific image. One may start their careers by working as part-time consultants until they can create a portfolio and build their clientele. If you choose to start your Image Consulting enterprise, you will enjoy independence and flexibility. They might start working from home with a computer and a place to receive clients or even work virtually, giving the consultant time to grow and find their area of focus.

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