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Who is Human Resource Manager?

Human Resource Managers are involved in the strategic planning and implementing the administrative functions of the company’s human resource department for managing its manpower. They help the organization to achieve its goals by ensuring that its workforce is skilled, competent, performing efficiently. An HR manager is responsible for a range of activities pertaining to the employees of the organization including recruitment, training and development, monitoring performance as well as counselling the employees.

They form an important link between the upper management or the administrative staff and the current employees of the organization. Their aim to optimize the efforts of the skilled workforce available to the organization. An HR manager also ensures that the company adheres to the applicable employment laws in order to protect the interests of the employees as well as that of the company. They assist the company in building a staff that allows for the company to achieve its business goals.

HR managers play a vital role in motivating the employees, ensuring productivity and efficiency of their work, and drive employee engagement. They are key to establishing a healthy and encouraging work environment that maximises the value obtained from the company’s workforce.

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What does Human Resource Manager do?

A Human Resource Manager supervises the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff; consults with top executives on strategic planning; and also serves as a link between an organization's management and its employees.HR managers also help employees within the organization to resolve challenging issues related to employment.

  • Organizing and managing the activities of the Human Resource department.
  • Develop and maintain the company’s performance appraisal program
  • Inducting employees, provide orientations to new employees
  • Ensure appropriate measures are being taken for the health and safety of the employees
  • Create and place job advertisements as well as recruit, interview, select, and hire new employees
  • Offer advice on how to address human resource issues in the organization such as harassment
  • Manage employee issues by mediating disputes or initiating disciplinary procedures
  • Oversee the training and development programs undertaken for teaching new employees or upskilling the existing employees
  • Manage the company’s salary budgets and oversee the compensation and benefits programs
  • Provide recommendations for the policies and procedures related to company personnel
  • Maintain documentation of the company’s employee records and other administrative documents  
  • Ensure that the applicable employment laws are being followed by the organization
  • Oversee the employee termination procedures and exit interviews
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Human Resource Manager?

People management and leadership skills are paramount for these professionals to manage employer-employee relations. They should be well-versed with the current employment laws at all times in order to ensure the company's activities are within legal boundaries. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills are required for HR managers to effectively liaise with the administrative staff as well as the employees. Their decision-making skills and reasoning abilities should be strong in order to guide the decisions regarding the company’s policies, practices, and procedures related to the workforce and operations.

They should be empathetic, approachable, and methodical individuals with strong leadership abilities and critical thinking skills. They should have good business acumen and a commercial focus to ensure the profitability of the company. As HR manager, they should have a working knowledge of the relevant software used for documentation purposes.


Which course I can pursue?

Best Colleges

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Which industries are open for Human Resource Manager?

  • Manufacturing
  • Scientific
  • Technical
  • Consumer goods company
  • Export firms
  • Government commercial enterprises
  • Market research
  • Whole sale
  • Retailing
  • Advertising
  • Hospitals and health product manufacturers
  • Consultancies
  • IT firms
  • Consumer durables industry
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Education

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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Human Resource Manager?

The job outlook for HR managers is bright as more companies and organizations continue to form or expand their operations, necessitating the services of HR managers to oversee their programs. After gaining considerable experience in the field they can advance to the position of HR Director or choose to specialise in a specific area by working as labour relations directors, training and development managers, payroll managers, compensation and benefits managers, talent managers or recruiting managers. They can be employed by organizations across all industries in both, private and public sectors, in order to handle their workforce.

This includes large businesses, specialist human resource companies, professional HR agencies, charitable organizations as well as government organizations. HR managers typically work in office settings with standard business work hours. Depending upon their particular employers, HR managers may have to travel to different locations to manage employee recruitment processes or attend corporate meetings.

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