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Who is Foreign Trade Analyst?

A foreign trade analyst investigates patterns in the international exchange of commodities and services. They operate in commercial and governmental sectors since many businesses and governments are interested in learning about foreign markets. In addition, other commerce in India has increased considerably, drawing an increasing number of MNCs to establish operations and numerous Indian corporations establishing businesses in foreign borders or entering into joint ventures overseas. As a result, the need for skilled workers in international commerce is increasing. As a result, pursuing a career in international business has become a lucrative alternative, with worldwide job chances for people studying foreign trade and international business degrees.

Typical day at work

What does Foreign Trade Analyst do?

A Foreign Trade Analyst's responsibilities and duties include completing a foreign business analyst's job responsibilities and functions. He or she monitors the flow of goods and services between nations all over the world where everyone may communicate with one another. He/she works in both independent and state-supported businesses and organisations since various organisations and governing bodies are focused on understanding and comprehending the ideas and rules of worldwide commerce and products.

  • Studying and analyzing the establishment's industry patterns and global market conditions, according to the export administration rules and policies
  • Analysis of the international exchange data using program sheets and other software programs
  • Studying and scrutinizing the shareholders' trade goals and priorities and developing appropriate approaches to the organization's dynamic trade issues
  • Completing the functions and duties relevant to a global business analysis by adhering to the regular rules and custom duties and border control and protection policies
  • Participate in instructional classes and learn different laws, plans and programs for export and import while employed at the establishment
  • Make yourself familiar with all the latest market laws and the regular trade plans and programs
  • Backing the organization and its associates in receiving their necessary permits, financial documents and statements for the development and processing of their transactions
  • Acting in collaboration with the organization's administrative staff and the judicial associates attached to it to approve, narrow down and define the latest trade assumptions
  • Responding to the client’s questions regarding global business methods and processes
  • Delivering the company's precise business messages to customers and helping it make a name internationally, flourish and develop further
  • Improving global establishment's combativeness and job efficiency
  • Management and supervision of the establishment 's global or international business analytical reports, records, documents, and presentations
  • Understanding the fundamental laws, constitution and business principles in the establishment and working exactly according to its needs
  • Ensure that the company's global trade analysis is performed perfectly and correctly to implement all the planned and strategized programs
  • Detail oriented and systematic with the skill of multi-tasking and to operating with nominal guidance
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Foreign Trade Analyst?

  • Typically, it would help if you had at least a bachelor's degree in economics, business, business administration, trade, accounting, finance, marketing, international business, or a similar field to become a foreign trade analyst.
  • A foreign trade analyst must possess time management and excellent communication abilities. In addition, you must be willing to do extensive research on foreign trade programs, taxation, import and export laws, environmental regulations, and more.
  • Foreign trade analysts must be strong in mathematics since they constantly calculate exchange rates, shipping costs, and other numerical data. In constant demand are foreign trade analysts who speak more than one language. Employers also desire that the individual demonstrates expertise with computers because much of the data involved with the job is examined in spreadsheets and other software applications.
  • A foreign trade analyst must create business presentations that demonstrate investigative conclusions, results, adjustments, and visions that will result in improved and more pleasant working circumstances for the company. As a result, a foreign trade analyst must be detailed and have outstanding presenting abilities. They must also report queries at high-level seminars and conferences to the institution's official administration personnel.


Which course I can pursue?

Best Colleges

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Which industries are open for Foreign Trade Analyst?

  • Government sector
  • Public Sector 
  • Private Sector

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Are there internships available for Foreign Trade Analyst?

Take the opportunity to work under a professional that gives you exposure to this field. It will allow you to have a practical learning about the field and will also give you contacts for future reference.

Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Foreign Trade Analyst?

Employment prospects are endless with the growing demand for International Business and Foreign Trade Analyst. Job openings are available in export units and at various levels in international departments of multinational companies. Lots of manufacturing firms, banks, financial institutions and government agencies that export outside their countries are looking for Foreign Trade eligible candidates. Many companies hire and appoint foreign-trade experts for international ventures as well. Individuals can also work as a Foreign Trade Manager, analysing technical data in international business transactions and understanding international trade policies and agreements. Foreign trade analysts are usually hired by public sector agencies, such as federal, state, and even local governments. However, they may also work in nearly any industry run by private and publicly traded companies, in which they are more commonly referred to as "international business analysts."

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