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Who is Food Science Technician?

Food science technicians are the one who provides valuable assistance to food scientists and technologists by performing duties such as measuring and analysing the quality of food products, research and development, production technology, and quality control. Food science technicians perform a variety of tasks. For example, food science technicians conduct tests to determine food or beverages' physical or chemical properties according to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations regarding colour, texture, and nutrients.

Typical day at work

What does Food Science Technician do?

Food science technicians contribute to the preservation of food quality. They undertake food and  product development research under supervision and ensure that food additives and preservatives meet FDA guidelines. Their numerous responsibilities include collecting and preparing samples according to approved protocols.

In addition, food, food additives, and food containers are tested to ensure they meet established safety requirements, and food experts rely on us to assist them with food research, development, and quality control.

The role and responsibilities of food science technicians includes :

  • To analyze, record, and compile test results.
  • To clean and sterilize lab equipment
  • To  measure and test product containers to ensure that they meet product specifications. 
  • To review and monitor test results which help them to detect or assess problems with food products.
  • To record and store information, usually on computers.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Food Science Technician?

  • The skills required to become a Food technologist is to have a love of food, technical and practical skills, problem-solving skills, planning and organizational skills,
  • Accuracy and detail in their work, a knowledge of food biology and food chemistry.
  • Ability to develop new and improve existing food products and sets standards for producing, packaging and marketing food
  • Must be accurate with tests and assessments conduction, must be patient and persistent, able to work well under pressure, good at problem-solving, good at planning and organizing.
  • Must have knowledge of food processing or production work, laboratory work, quality assurance work, business management or marketing, good hand-eye coordination and an eye for detail for weighing and measuring precise amounts.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Food Science Technician?

Food science technicians is a rapidly changing discipline. With the increase in food companies and outlets, the job opportunities for food technicians have increased. The job also offers good monetary rewards. Therefore, the Job outlook the career is expected to grow faster than the average rate. The work conditions would involve comfortable indoor offices and laboratories. However, they might be required to work with hazardous chemicals or toxic materials while maintaining stringent safety and health regulations. They work regular hours but may have to put in overtime when they are working on a particular project that requires monitoring. The average salary for food technicians in India is 4 to 5 lack per annum.

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