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Who is Flavour Chemist?

Flavour Chemist, also known as food flavourist. They are the one who creates and add flavour to the food. A food flavorist works with both natural and artificial tastes. A food flavourist or flavor chemist's job is to mix various ingredients and create a new flavor in artificial or natural. They must also examine the sensory impacts of eating. To become a food flavourist, aspirants need to know essential oils, plant extracts, Aroma Chemicals, etc. Research and development are essential for the job. They have a team to administer tests and analyze food to achieve the goals set by clients. Flavour Chemist plays a vital role in flavor creation as it makes food tasty and stands Straight for standards prescribed by the Indian Government.

Flavour chemists must develop and implement policies and practising procedures in regard to the etiquette of the laboratory. If you are interested in both cuisine and chemistry, this is your profession. Job opportunities for food flavourist or flavor chemists are in many sectors such as pharmaceutical companies, hair care products, and skincare. All the products which require adding up the flavour and good knowledge of chemistry, essential oils, Aroma chemicals, and plant extracts require a flavorist.

Typical day at work

What does Flavour Chemist do?

The job description of a flavour chemist is to examine the characteristics of natural flavours, starches, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and other components. They provide flavours that retain their sharpness after being exposed to different food preparation processes such as freezing, heating, boiling, and processing. In addition, they address the needs of the food processing sector by developing natural and artificial flavours.

The roles and responsibilities of Flavour Chemist are:

  • To use knowledge of how ingredients  interact and function
  • To study the properties of additives, proteins, fats, starches, carbohydrates and flavor components
  • To use artificial and natural ingredients to replace the flavour that was removed by reducing fat or sugar
  • To produce food product samples for scrutiny and testing
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Flavour Chemist?

To become a flavour chemist or Food Flavorist, the aspirants must need to develop specific skills like excellent analytical skills, needs to have good knowledge about food processing, knowledge of the application of various sciences on food, excellent communication skill, a keen sense of taste and smell, keenness to experience new smells, creative, intuitive, motivated, dedicated and able to work in a team, Patience and willingness must have computer skills to handle databases, spreadsheets, software etc., and must have a general understanding of food composition.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Flavour Chemist?

The food and beverage industry provides the most opportunities to flavour chemists to provide finished products or consultancy services to enhance flavour and marketability. The industry includes the manufacturing of baking, agricultural feed, and other food products. Scientists who work in the flavour industry have the exciting job of creating and modifying new and different flavours in various products. Experienced and knowledgeable flavourists can impart their valuable knowledge to budding flavor chemists in schools, colleges, and universities. Flavourists are directly involved in tasting and building new flavours, hence it is the upcoming job and a business.

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